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Canada-Spielo to boost player experience in Alberta

By - 13 July 2012

Spielo International has been selected by the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission (AGLC) in Canada to work toward a Player Experience solution through Spielo International’s Value-Added Player Services Manager Application for its Intelligen video lottery terminal (VLT) central system. The solution was selected as part of a competitive procurement process.

“We’re pleased to have the opportunity to work with AGLC to enhance the functionality of their Intelligen Central System with our Player Experience solution. Our goal is to provide AGLC with future capabilities for a two-way communication conduit between the operator and the player, and significantly enhance the program’s entertainment value,” said Spielo International President and CEO Walter Bugno. “Spielo International’s ground-breaking open-standards-based technology for distributed gaming customers means that this solution could eventually be available from every gaming machine in AGLC’s VLT program, so that all Alberta players can enjoy a more customised and personalized gaming experience.”

The Player Experience solution provides technology that enables two-way communication between the operator and the player through a portion of the screen of a VLT, without affecting the appearance or functionality of the base game. With the Player Experience solution, AGLC would over time be able to enhance the value of its existing gaming program and allow the player to customize his or her game experience.

Because the Player Experience solution is based on industry open standard protocols and is designed to operate using the Game to System (G2S) protocol, it can be integrated with any G2S compliant VLT acquired by AGLC from any manufacturer.

Spielo International signed a five-year contract with AGLC to provide the Intelligen Central System following a separate competitive procurement process in July last year. In December 2011, SPIELO International also announced that AGLC had selected Spielo International’s Distributed Game Management application for the Intelligen Central System.

Following a second public competitive procurement process, Spielo International signed a multi-year contract on November 8, 2011 to provide AGLC with new VLTs and a set of compelling VLT games.

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