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Chile – Enjoy and Sun Dreams both bid for licence in Pucón

By - 12 October 2017

Both Enjoy and Sun Dreams have entered the bidding process for the municipal licence for the casino located in Pucón.

However, there were no bids for the municipal licences in Arica nor for the casino in Puerto Natales meaning that a new bidding process for these casinos will need to be initiated, according to a statement released by the Chilean Gaming Board (SJC). These new special conditions, including technical standards, must now be put forward to the respective mayors and approved by the Supervisory Council of the SJC.

As for Pucón the SCJ will now revise the proposals which have been put forward and the process will be completed in a term of not more than 120 days. The hearing will be held on Friday (29th September) for the municipal casino in Puerto Varas, while on October 4th, the SJC will receive the bids for the casinos located in the municipalities of Iquique and Coquimbo, leaving only the licence for the casino in Viña del Mar pending. This will be initiated once the Supreme Court decides on the legitimacy of the licensing process.

The casino in Pucón is currently run by Chilean operator Enjoy. Enjoy is also the license holder for the casino in Coquimbo, and Viña del Mar and it wishes to keep these licences and also bid for the casino in Puerto Varas, which is currently run by its competitor Sun Dreams according to local press reports. As well as bidding for the casino in Pucón it is believed that Sun Dreams also plans to bid for the licences for the casinos in the municipalities in Coquimbo, Viña del Mar, Puerto Varas and possibly the casino in Iquique.

Projects for the new municipal licences will be awarded points and judged on a wide number of different criteria by a number of different branches in the government including local and regional governments, the Tourist Board, the Ministry of Interior and Public Security and the SJC. Points will be awarded on how the casino will fit in with local communities and into regional development strategy. The SJC will also evaluate the project on how it will impact tourism, and will take into account the location, design and the quality of the proposed facilities.

The bidding process for the casino in Pucón is likely to be fierce as will the process for the casino in Viña del Mar. In January 2016 General Manager of Enjoy, Gerardo Cood highlighted the significance that the Casino de Pucón has had for the company in the past and also expressed an interest in participating in the bid to renew the license and went on to say that the company wishes to maintain the number of casinos it currently operates in Chile. He also confirmed the company’s willingness to renew its license in Viña del Mar.

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