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China – Ourgame to open 10 eSports arenas by 2019

By - 16 October 2017

China-based eSports developer Ourgame International, the company who owns the World Poker Tour, wants to build 10 eSports arenas in China and the United States over the next two years.

The company is the parent company of Tianjin Allied eSports Arena Internet Technology (AES), the firm building the first permanent eSports venue on the Las Vegas Strip at MGM’s Luxor Hotel
It plans to invest HK$125m “to further develop the eSports business and expand the global arena network” of its subsidiary AES.

“The company plans to build approximately four to six eSports arenas in the US and approximately two to four eSports arenas in the PRC in 2018 and early 2019,” it said. “The company also plans to build approximately two mobile eSports arena trucks that is currently being used in Europe to be introduced to the US in 2018.”

Ourgame owns the World Poker Tour , having bought it for US$35m in 2015. It will invest HK$62m developing the brand “for geographic expansion including tournaments, marketing of WPT online games products and TV content development, with initial focus in Japan and South America … and approximately HK$37m for WPT online games development and marketing primarily focusing on the playWPT set of online games products.”

The company said: “In response to such rapid development and intensified competition in the group’s industry, the group needs to take immediate actions to solidify its market share and raise sufficient funds to support and continue the group’s growth plans.”

As part of this promise it is spending HK$125m on buying up to three China regional card and board games platforms to complement and enlarge the group’s current China national games platform.

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