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Colombia – Alfastreet shows a Multi-touch of class

By - 16 May 2017

The 2017 edition of FADJA gaming exhibition in Bogota, Colombia, proved to be the perfect stage for Alfastreet gaming, as the company enjoyed performing in front of a  crowd of local gaming operators. The occasion was perfect to present Slovenia-based manufacturer’s latest novelties, its  Multi-touch, Lucky 8 and Felix slot machines. The company’s branch office, Alfastreet Colombia, guided by Alexander Rodriguez Illera is exceeding expectations, ensuring that Alfastreet has remained the most successful ETG producer in last three years in the local market.

The elegant stand design compensated for an organisation and location change that left a lot to be desired this year. However, the attendees had a chance to experience the latest edition of the compact R6 electronic roulette and a host of innovations for the Colombian market. Alfastreet’s Multi-touch automated electronic Roulette with eight play stations can be combined with an automated or live wheel. The distinct advantage over competitor solutions is the compact dimensions, considering that there are eight play stations available and a clear division between them, making it as close to a live table, as possible. The feedback from visitors was excellent and Alfastreet is already placing its first units on casino floors.

Lucky 8 is the product that caught most interest from operators at the show, as it represents an ideal compromise between gaming space and dimensions, while still retaining all the technical features of the larger R8, the leading product on the market. The new Felix S slot machine is the next step in the design of a new product line, offering a vast array of entertaining and tried-and-trusted game titles.

All of the machines represent the cutting edge of technology and design, as recognised in highly competitive Colombian market. The clear interest from the partners translated in sales agreements, as the brand is enforcing its presence in the country. The Colombian market has retained momentum, despite a period of transition due to changed gaming regulation, providing great opportunities for expansion and the introduction of the latest gaming technologies. Alfastreet continues to invest resources into the Colombian market and is very satisfied with the returns.

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