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G2e Las Vegas – Gaming Partners International to introduce brand new chips

By - 25 September 2012

Gaming Partners International is looking forward to exhibiting our full range of casino currency solutions and table game products, including three new casino currency options and a brand-new Paulson chip design.

Since the 1960s when the first Paulson clay chips were introduced to Las Vegas casinos, Paulson chips have set the standard for casino currency throughout North America and are recognised worldwide as the poker chip of choice.

Kirsten Clark, Vice President of Global Marketing & Product, said: “With their iconic look and feel, Paulson chips have withstood the tests of time, and at G2E we will debut an innovative new design that will enable casinos to better differentiate their high and low denomination chips.  We will also feature our new B&G Premium Chips that provide casinos with the ability to create a unique chip that incorporates their logo or other key element into the mould. B&G Premium Chips can also incorporate an extensive variety of security features to create more secure chip that discourages counterfeiting.”

GPI’s third featured currency product is the B&G J2 jeton: a ground-breaking product that combines the aesthetic and security features of European-style jetons with the easy handling of American-style chips. Featuring colour edge spots that allow easy identification in racks or stacks, J2 jetons can include a wide range of decal and printing options not available on traditional jetons.

The G2e collection will also include several new currency security features including 4C-UV, a cutting-edge product that incorporates a full-colour image or photograph into the decal. An invisible chip authentication feature revealed by a standard UV detector, 4C-UV is easy to detect by dealers and other casino personnel.


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