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ICE – AMD to take embedded applications to next level with new GPUs

By - 4 February 2017

AMD is looking to unleash its Embedded Radeon E9260 and E9550 GPUs at ICE Totally Gaming in London, delivering stunning graphics, improved energy efficiency, and integrated 4K video encode/decode capabilities.

AMD’s Embedded Radeon E9260 and E9550 graphics processing units (GPUs), are the industry’s first discrete embedded graphics cards leveraging the new AMD Polaris architecture. The cards are ideal for applications requiring rich multimedia and 4K video in power-constrained embedded environments. Use cases include immersive casino gaming, digital signage, 4K teleconferencing and interactive digital whiteboards, enhanced medical imaging for clinical diagnoses, and transportation instrumentation.
The Polaris GPU architecture leverages an optimized 14nm FinFET process designed to deliver a dramatic performance-per-watt gain over previous generations of embedded GPU architecture. Providing up to 5.8 TFLOPS performance in a sub-95W TDP power profile, the new embedded GPUs offer advanced 4K encode/decode multimedia processing capabilities and support for up to six displays on the E9550.

“Embedded designers want to take their systems to the next level and immerse the end-user in compelling experiences, leveraging 4K displays and high resolution media,” said Scott Aylor, corporate vice president and general manager, AMD Enterprise Solutions. “The new AMD Embedded Radeon E9260 and E9550 GPUs offer compelling energy efficiency and performance for demanding graphics and parallel processing requirements, and are available in a range of graphics card configurations for seamless integration across various form factors.”

The 14nm FinFET manufacturing process and uncompromising video and graphics processing capabilities that underpin the Polaris architecture distinguish the AMD Embedded Radeon E9260 and E9550 GPUs from others in the industry, with a highly desired balance of power, performance and thermal profile. The GPUs provide immersive and accurate 4K graphic capabilities with H.265 and H.264 encode/decode1 on up to six displays on the E9550, enabling panoramic “surround sight” and overhead visuals. This allows for more accuracy in images and more immersive detail to produce a superior visual experience.

“AMD is bringing their latest graphics technology to the embedded market with the new AMD Embedded Radeon E9260 and E9550 GPUs,” said Jon Peddie, president, Jon Peddie Research. “This will be highly beneficial for many embedded applications ranging from digital signage to medical imaging and casino gaming, where great graphics and low energy consumption are of paramount importance.”

The GPUs provide full 4K, 3D and 360-degree image support to ensure unparalleled visual immersion and advanced graphics-driven capabilities. Vulkan™ API support offers cross-platform 3D graphics and compute, enabling enhanced-performance and smoother CPU co-processing. DirectX 12 support provides fast performance, higher frames per second, and reduced latency. The Polaris-based GPUs are designed to meet the performance requirements for demanding embedded applications that benefit from superior graphics processing, energy efficiency and thermal manageability at a competitive price point.
“Quixant has been using AMD Radeon graphics to support the gaming industry for many years, which helps give us an edge over competing offerings,” said Nick Jarmany, Chief Executive Officer. “We are really excited how these new parts enable higher levels of performance to further push the envelope of what our customers can get out of their gaming systems. There is no other graphics supplier we rely on to keep us in the game.”

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