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ICE – Betsoft to launch SugarPop 2 at ICE

By - 2 February 2018

Betsoft is hoping to surprise ICE attendees with some unseen innovations intended to push the boundaries of the igaming industry.

Poised to pick up new markets in Asia, and new demographics with modern takes on classic slots, Betsoft is on track for 2018 to be its best year yet.

With its ground-breaking new mechanic, the cross game “trail” system, their recent release, Legend of the Nile, was an incredible success. Building on the popular Egyptian theme, Legend of the Nile harnesses the beauty and serenity of this ancient wonder. The excitement of this title comes from game play, which involves three of these revolutionary trails. One trail is a static trail which advances and empties with each spin. The two other trails fill from game to game, meaning that players actually earn rewards the longer they play.

Scheduled for release in February is the sequel to the fan-favorite Sugar Pop. Like the original, Sugar Pop 2: Double Dipped will feature the same cotton candy clouds and bright colours players are already familiar with, while introducing several new mechanics to engage and excite. Special candies will now appear on the board in Chocolate Surprise Eggs to increase the suspense of what special effects players will see next. A few beloved candies from the original have now got an exciting make-over. New candies have been added to shake up gameplay even more and add a new element to the game. A Jelly Bean Cannon and a Sweet Hammer are among the new additions, as well as a Golden Morphing Wild! As if that weren’t enough, a Free Spin candy has been introduced to allow players to earn Free Spins along the way. Players can trigger a Candy Bomb, which will appear when five or more clusters have been exploded in a single turn. The most exciting addition to this game is the introduction of rewards for leveling up. Special prizes are assigned according to the level you reach. The addition of Free Spins, a Candy Bomb, Leveling rewards, and no level cap means that the fun and prizes are limitless!

Many more blockbuster titles are in the works to be released in 2018, all of which will be utilizing the duel powers of the proprietary Vault and Shift systems. Vault is the downloadable client that allows players to install games locally with a user-friendly lobby and access to the Betsoft catalogue of games. Shift is Betsoft’s answer to cross-platform development, an HTML5 driven engine that allows them to maintain the top level of quality, while dramatically reducing file size. In tandem, this means superior development and player accessibility, and a coming year that has the potential to see Betsoft dominating the iGaming industry.

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