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Ireland – KamaGames updates portfolio of social casino titles

By - 7 September 2017

KamaGames Group has added another significant update to its portfolio of award winning social casino titles.

This latest update will be focused on enhancing the competitive elements of the popular Roulettist game, as well as giving players more opportunities to win chips, with the introduction of daily Player vs Player (PVP) tournaments which will allow players to compete in real-time on tournament leader boards, win trophies and unlock achievements, it will also give every player taking part the chance to win up to 35 Million chips in every tournament they enter.

In addition to the update to Roulettist, KamaGames’ flagship title, Pokerist, will also be getting a significant update with a total of five new and thrilling party modes launching soon.

U-Turn Party – Once the fourth card is dealt, one of the cards on the table will randomly change up. After that, users will play one more round/the river.

Swap Party – Once the flop has been dealt, players have to choose which one of their two hole cards will be moved to player on their left. They then receive a replacement card from player on their right. Once each player’s cards are exchanged, play will continue as normal.

3-Card Party – Players will get three hole cards but only two of them will be visible. Once the river card is dealt the 3rd card will be revealed. Players must then make up their chosen hand using the cards available.

Joker Party – We’ll be adding 4 Jokers to the deck which can be dealt randomly to any of our players. If a player gets a joker, it will automatically change to the strongest possible card in the deck when combined with the rest of the player’s cards.

10 To Ace Party – A little different than the other games as its only for up to 5 players and it only uses face cards and so is the most challenging. Two decks will be dealt and players will have to make a winning hand from what they are dealt.

In addition to the gameplay updates, KamaGames has introduced a new in-game newsfeed allowing them to communicate directly with their community and over 500,000 daily active players sharing news on sales, tournaments, when each new poker mode is launched and lots more.

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