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Senegal-Magic Dreams launches Double Draw Poker with Anfa Group

By - 25 May 2012

Magic Dreams has installed its Double Draw Poker in three properties owned by Anfa Group Casinos. The proven performer MD Poker Double Draw, linked to the progressive jackpot system Poker Boost, is now being played on the video poker floors of Cafè de Rome Dakar and Casino du Cap Vert Dakar in Senegal, as well as in Cafè de Rome Abidjan in the Ivory Coast.

Magic Dreams EMEA Sales Director Jaime Bonet Torrendell said: “Double Draw poker is globally recognized as a high performer and thanks to its unique features it has rapidly gained a growing share in the market. This success is also due to the exceptional linked Jackpot System Poker Boost. The combination of Double Draw Poker and Poker Boost Jackpot creates an eye catching area on the slot floor that immediately attracts poker players’ attention and cannot be missed.”

Poker Boost is a 5-level mixed progressive and mystery jackpot. Four levels are progressive and are combination triggered by playing max bet only. The unique mystery jackpot level can be randomly won after any game at any bet.

“This is the winning formula to fascinate all poker players,” Mr. Bonet Torrendell added. “Thanks to its features Poker Boost drives real interaction as players are rewarded by the frequent mystery winnings and boosted to win the highest progressive levels at the same time.”

With this installation, Magic Dreams underlines the entering in Senegal and Ivory Coast and increases its growing market share in the African territories. “We are very satisfied with the successful installations in Anfa Group’s locations,” Mr. Bonet Torrendell concluded. “Double Draw is performing extremely well in European Casinos and we’re confident that the results in Senegal and Ivory Coast will be excellent as well.”

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