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Sweden – SuzoHapp opens new modern facility in Malmö

By - 12 October 2017

SuzoHapp has opened a Swedish facility in the Business District in Malmö Central on the fifth floor in the newly-constructed building named ‘Studio.’

The new property is about 1100 square miles and houses seventy employees, including SUZOHAPP Technology Services (STS) Engineers, Product Managers, Market Support, as well as Customer Service, Finance and IT. The Swedish site hosts the SUZOHAPP EMA Technology Hub which is the largest global technology center within the group.

“This is another important milestone in transforming SUZOHAPP into a true technology company,” explained Wilbert Bieleman, EMA Managing Director. “We consider R&D a fundamental part of our success, so we invest a lot in people and facilities, such as this new Technology Center. Our goal is to continue to innovate and provide the market with tomorrow’s solutions.”

“We are all excited about our new facility. It is a very productive environment for our employees and will create new opportunities for successful collaboration,” commented Alexander Bucur, Entity Leader in Sweden. “We are very happy about our new Technology Center which strengthens Malmö as a strategic location within SUZOHAPP.”

In a few weeks, SUZOHAPP will open a second site in Malmö Ollebo which will host the Scandinavian Sales and Service Team, as well as a fully equipped mechanical workshop for prototypes and concept machines used for STS and product management developments.

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