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27th Gaming Group: Strike where the IRON is hot

By - 29 June 2023

Latin America is a gold mine of opportunities – if you have the right strategic partners. 27th Gaming Group’s Billy Duran Candell outlines his view of the LatAm marketplace and where the Group’s three major gaming brands fit into the overall picture.

27th Gaming Group comprises three business arms; Jackpot Software, Fusion Group and BetConnections. Talk us through the strategy, individually and collectively, for these three assets?

Certainly! I’d love to talk more about our three brands and the way in which they fit within our overarching 27th Gaming Group growth strategy. Jackpot Software develops online casino slot games which are all 40 GLI-19 certified.

The strategy emphasises innovation and quality, utilising a talented team of designers and developers. The portfolio is currently available in The Bahamas and South America, with plans to expand globally through partnerships with regulated online casinos, especially in growing online gambling regions.

Fusion Group Games creates slot games for land-based casinos, offering four packs: Silver, Gold, Diamond, and Platinum, each with three unique games. They prioritise high-quality and immersive slot games, continuously exploring trends that heighten player experience. Undergoing GLI-11 certification, they comply with regulations in the Americas. Fusion’s strategy includes expanding through partnerships with land-based casinos by offering revenue-generating slot games.

Lastly, BetConnections delivers an iGaming platform for creating bespoke branded online casinos. Our strategy here revolves around developing and certifying a reliable, GLI-19 compliant platform. With a strong presence in South America, the aim is to expand into new GLI-19 compliant territories, providing end-to- end solutions to seamlessly launch and run successful operations. BetConnections strives to strengthen regional partnerships and explore global collaborations to drive adoption of their iGaming platform.

Collectively, the strategy for each asset is to establish a strong presence in the gambling industry across different sectors (online, land- based, and iGaming platforms) and geographic regions. The emphasis lies on delivering high- quality, innovative, and compliant gaming products and services to meet the evolving needs of players and operators. Continuous research and development, strategic partnerships, and expansion into new territories are key elements of the overall strategy for 27th Gaming Group.

How does 27th Gaming Group effectively and cohesively manage Jackpot Software, Fusion Group and BetConnections? Are these assets decentralised to maintain an entrepreneurial spirit, or is the plan to bring these together under one umbrella?

The key is striking a balance between decentralisation and centralisation to foster both entrepreneurial spirit and organisational cohesion. Each of the three assets operates as a separate company under the 27th Gaming Group umbrella.

This structure allows them to maintain their individual identities, cultures, and entrepreneurial spirit. Decentralisation provides flexibility and autonomy to each company, empowering them to make decisions, innovate, and execute strategies.

As the Director of International Operations, I oversee the operations of all three companies, facilitating collaboration, sharing of best practices, and strategic decision-making across the group. A centralised structure ensures 27th Gaming Group can ensure consistency in brand positioning, quality standards, and compliance across its portfolio of assets.

As Director of International Operations, what’s your remit?

As the Director of International Operations for 27th Gaming Group, my role encompasses developing and executing international market expansion strategies, managing international partnerships, ensuring compliance with regulations, overseeing international operations, conducting market analysis, promoting cross- asset collaboration, and managing international brand management activities.

We have seen a number of countries across Latin America historically inhospitable to the gaming sector move in the right direction over the last year. What’s your assessment of Latin America’s regulatory landscape?

Latin America’s regulatory landscape for the gaming sector is evolving in the right direction. The region is witnessing a trend towards legalisation, regulation, and market openings, with player protection and responsible gambling at its foundation.

However, the regulatory landscape is still nascent, and operators must navigate the variations and challenges across different countries. It is important for operators to stay updated on the regulatory developments in each specific market they wish to operate in to ensure compliance and seize opportunities.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to Latin American market penetration. Which countries are you looking to target and expand in?

27th Gaming Group is exploring multiple market expansion opportunities in Latin America, focusing on countries like Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Chile, and Peru. Brazil’s emerging online gaming sector and impending legalisation make it an attractive market. Mexico’s long standing gambling industry and receptive regulatory environment create opportunities for gaming products.

Colombia has progressive regulations and a growing online gambling market. Argentina, Chile, and Peru offer promising opportunities due to their history, regulated markets, and growing interest in online gambling. By strategically expanding into these countries, 27th Gaming Group aims to tap into the diverse Latin American market, cater to local player preferences, and establish partnerships for growth.

How thorough an understanding of each market is necessary to success? What data is of most use to 27th Gaming Group?

A thorough understanding of each market is critical to the success of 27th Gaming Group’s expansion efforts. It is essential to collect and analyse relevant data to make informed decisions and tailor our products and strategies to the specific needs and preferences of each market. Market demographics, regulatory frameworks, consumer behaviour, competition, and economic indicators are among the key data points that are most pertinent to 27th Gaming Group.

The sleeping giant, Brazil, is top of mind for many. With forward momentum in regulation, how is 27th Gaming Group gearing up to tackle this market as and when it eventually goes live?

27th Gaming Group is actively preparing to enter the Brazilian market once online gambling becomes regulated. Recognising Brazil’s vast potential, the company closely monitors regulatory developments, particularly within sports betting.

The company possesses expertise in online casino games and sports betting, aligning with the country’s evolving market. To ensure successful entry, 27th Gaming Group is identifying local partnerships, collaborating with established operators and stakeholders.

The company is developing a comprehensive go- to-market strategy built to Brazil’s unique characteristics, cultural nuances, and regulatory frameworks. The goal is to establish ourselves as a trusted and innovative gaming provider in anticipation of the market’s expansion.

BetConnections recently launched a new gaming system, IRON, for physical installations in Latin America. What jurisdictions permit this technology, and who is the target customer?

BetConnections has launched the IRON gaming system, specifically designed for physical premises in Latin America and the Caribbean islands. This innovative solution targets medium and small-scale gaming rooms that have outdated technology.

IRON fills a market gap by offering an affordable and functional solution. The system is flexible, adaptable to different country regulations, and currently compatible with countries like Peru, Ecuador, Venezuela, El Salvador, Guatemala, Paraguay, Mexico, and the Caribbean Islands.

BetConnections collaborates with leading companies to provide high-quality titles, ensuring a diverse content portfolio. The system allows for the development of exclusive branded virtual lottery terminals (VLT) and multi-brand VLTs, catering to specific market demands.

With IRON, BetConnections has demonstrated its commitment to innovation and meeting the evolving needs of operators in the Latin American market, enabling smaller and medium-sized operations to enhance their offerings and deliver an exceptional gaming experience to customers.

What’s next for 27th Gaming Group in Latin America?

27th Gaming Group is focused on capitalising on the immense potential of the Latin American market. By strategically targeting countries such as Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, and Peru, we aim to expand our presence and deliver exceptional gaming experiences to players across the region.

Through our diverse portfolio of products and our commitment to innovation, we aim to establish 27th Gaming Group as a leading player in the Latin American gambling industry.

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