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US – Meeting of minds as Clarion Gaming co-locate two major brands in Miami

By - 5 March 2018

Fresh from another successful ICE London, Kate Chambers and her team at Clarion Gaming will be shifting focus from the cold climes of the UK in February to the much warmer prospect of Miami in May for the first ever co-located editions of the LatAm facing Juegos Miami and its North American older cousin, GiGse.

Juegos Miami continues to build on the momentum generated by a successful launch and features a powerful, strategic and hands-on learning programme presented alongside a line-up of inspirational exhibitors and sponsors. For more information on participating in this invitation-only event, visit www.juegosmiami.com

GiGse is one of the most popular gaming events for senior gaming professionals with 61% of delegates classified as C-Level and a further 21% categorized as either Directors or VPs. For more information on how to register, visit: www.gigse.com

Both events take place across May 30 to June 1, 2018, The Biltmore, Miami, Florida.

Managing Director of Clarion Gaming Kate Chambers said: “While Juegos Miami and GiGse are taking place in the same venue at the same time, they are most definitely two very distinct brands with two very distinct identities and remits. GiGse, the more established and arguably the better known of the two, has been serving the interests of the American gambling, gaming and betting industry for a number of years and Juegos Miami, which was created at the request of stakeholders in Central, South and Latin America, as well as those in the Caribbean gaming industry, is looking south. GiGse provides paid-for content and learning, whereas Juegos Miami has a unique ‘by invitation’ format which is what the industry wanted and which has proved successful since we launched in 2016. At Juegos Miami, the dominant languages are Spanish and Portuguese, whereas English, or should I say American English, is to the fore at GiGse. Both events are related, but they are more like cousins than brothers or sisters.”

“I think having different brands under one roof, providing they don’t compete or conflict, is a huge positive,” she added. “You can create a different dynamic and one in which the two audiences are able to both concentrate on their individual interests and topics and then network as and when it’s appropriate. When we were designing the format for Juegos Miami, one of our objectives was to bring expertise, insight and professionalism from outside the LatAm region and this is a great opportunity to achieve this. From my experience, I think the gaming industry is at its very best when it has the opportunity to sit down in a comfortable and ambient atmosphere and talk – whether it’s product, regulation, technology or trends. The importance of networking comes out at the top, or very close to the top, in all of the stakeholder surveys that we undertake at all of our events and networking will be in plentiful supply in Miami.”

Juegos Miami was established in order to create a single, high calibre meeting place for the LatAm facing industry with the aim being to allow international attendees to achieve at Juegos Miami what previously required them to attend five or six separate exhibitions.

“Co-locating Juegos Miami and GiGse while retaining their individual identities is an example of our commitment to deliver a global strategy for what is a global industry,” Ms Chambers added. “Our strap line for GiGse is ‘Putting North American gambling, gaming and betting under the microscope’ and that’s exactly what GiGse is all about. In an industry which is so dependent on regulation, GiGse’s role is to identify, develop and discuss the big issues of the day and put them under the microscope. It’s an intense two-day programme delivering a combination of inspiring keynote speakers, engaging panel sessions and interactive workshops. GiGse has a clear C-Level profile and the debates reflect that level of seniority. The debates will centre around the customer journey, shifting demographics, customer retention, the true potential of eSports and DFS, as well as the really hot and contemporary issue of Sports Betting.

“Juegos Miami has had a very successful first two editions and the agenda that’s been put in place will provide the platform for further growth and development,” she added. “With separate streams for the online and land-based sectors, the agenda will debate the big issues, such as the importance of combating illegal operators, as well as providing detailed regulatory updates segmented by both region and country. It will look at convergence, the impact of the FIFA World Cup, blockchain technology and the law and much more. For international attendees, this event provides access to a huge and diverse community and is a great place to capitalise on LatAm’s enthusiasm for meeting potential business partners.”

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