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Amusnet Interactive: combining classic titles with industry trends

By - 8 September 2022

Earlier this year, Amusnet Interactive unveiled a live casino platform powered by cutting-edge streaming technology and a state-of-the-art studio.

The brand, formerly EGT Interactive, has long been well regarded in the iGaming industry for its video slots. Simeon Hristov, Product Manager, says the ultimate goal is for Amusnet’s live casino games to be as popular and recognisable as its slot titles.

How is Amusnet Interactive looking to disrupt the live casino sector? What niche have you identified in the market?

Our live casino is powered by cutting-edge streaming technology and a state-of-the-art studio to provide an unprecedented live gaming feeling. The industry is very competitive, but we are proud of the developed product.

Our goal is to make a portfolio containing a mixture of classic casino games with an emphasis on the entertainment factor and unique interior design solutions. Players enjoy an intuitive, user-friendly interface and entertaining features.

Amusnet’s live portfolio kicked off with four Roulette titles. Why begin with Roulette? Why target one genre of game with four titles?

Roulette is the heart of a casino, that is why it was the kick-starter of the live vertical. The variety of titles enables players to have the ultimate casino experience by choosing between high-speed automatic wheels and a real casino feeling with a dealer 24/7.

All our live casino games are preferred worldwide due to their ultra-low latency HD stream, luxurious atmosphere, unique wheels and table designs, additional Jackpot Cards bonus game, and modern interface.

Live Speed Roulette, Onyx Roulette, Live European Roulette, Dynamic Roulette 120 – what’s unique about each? What does each bring to the table, pardon the pun?

Live European Roulette is the most popular roulette game giving the feeling of a real casino with a dealer 24/7.

The high-speed rounds of Live Speed Roulette give players the excitement of fast gambling. Together with the live dealer, it is recognised to keep players’ thrill on a higher level.

Onyx Roulette is the centrepiece of our live casino studio that draws players into action. Situated in a real casino environment, the player can observe other live games and quickly switch between each.

With every spin of Dynamic Roulette 120x, a random multiplier is generated that can increase the payouts by 60x, 90x or 120x for a thrilling gaming experience and the chance to win even more.

As a collective, how do they differ from other Roulette titles currently in the market?

The main reason for differentiation and being one of the preferred live casino providers worldwide is the fact that the each game brings a unique feeling due to its distinctive design.

The roulette titles also offer the randomly triggered Jackpot Cards feature, which can be played at the player’s choice later in the game.

The proof of Amusnet Interactive’s live casino fast market growth and client recognition is the company’s nominations at prestigious awards in the industry as a live casino supplier.

It is a great honour for me to be part of the team and share the spark of success. I want to thank all of my colleagues for their great work and commitment.

What operators have the games gone live with and what has been the feedback since launch?

The games from our live casino are already live on 600 operators. We aim to increase their reach and exposure continually. Until now, we have been observing great results and achievements.

We are proud that the feedback we receive is very positive! We can genuinely state players well perceive the games.

Going live with four games off the bat is quite the undertaking – talk us through the process.

The process is quite complex, in which different production teams collaborate. In each team, there are highly knowledgeable, experienced people coming from the casino and online industry.

Moreover, we use state-of-the-art cameras broadcasting in premium HD quality, with one of the industry’s fastest streaming and highest up-time.

With 24/7 dedicated support services and highly competitive live casino products, our goal is to deliver an optimised experience through a user- friendly interface that utilises cutting-edge mobile technology.

Amusnet Interactive’s live casino games feature the staple bonus game from your video slot suite, Jackpot Cards. How does the bonus game work in a live casino format and what’s the thinking behind the decision?

Jackpot Cards has become a distinctive feature and is strongly associated with our brand identity. Every player has a reasonable chance to win the highest level of the bonus game with any of the qualifying bet.

We managed to keep the essence of the real gambling: a player can turn a small bet into a big win at random, relying only upon chance. Users enjoy the thrill of the feature, the anticipation and the adrenaline of possibly winning more.

Jackpot Cards is shared between slots and live casino games. The new option we added for the roulette games is the opportunity to “play at players’ choice”. It enables the users to decide when to play the bonus game.

The feature grabs the players’ attention and retain them longer in the game. Once triggered, the entertainment and winning are guaranteed.

The Amusnet brand, formerly EGT Interactive, is well regarded in the iGaming industry for its video slots. How are you looking to build the company’s reputation as a live casino provider going forwards?

Yes, Amusnet Interactive is well regarded in the iGaming industry and therefore our partners trust the products we provide. The new name reflects our constant desire for innovation and development.

It is a simple way to introduce diversity to our portfolio while delivering the same high level of service and quality. Our vision and long-term perspective is to keep growing our casino offering with different games. Our main goal is to enhance Amusnet’s brand reputation on the market even further.

Is the goal for Amusnet to be known for both its live casino and video slots offering, or is live casino a complementary offer to the core video slot portfolio?

The interest in our live casino products is immensely increasing with time, and we are determined to continue releasing appealing games. We share the same portal for live casino and slot games, which makes the integration with operators easier.

Amusnet Interactive’s strategy is combining the classics with the latest industry trends. The ultimate goal is for live casino games to be as popular and recognisable as slot games, as we share one vision for the future of the brand.

What’s next in the expansion and evolution of Amusnet Interactive’s live casino offering?

Amusnet’s live studio will keep expanding with several new releases for 2023, including native language roulettes, Baccarat, Dynamic SicBo, Money Wheels, Blackjack, and show games.

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