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Argentina – Argentine politician calls for ban on ATM’s in casinos

By - 25 July 2014

National Deputy Guillermo Durand Cornejo (PCP-Union Pro Party) along with his fellow Deputies Federico Pinedo and Ricardo Spinozzi have presented a new law into the Lower House which could have important consequences for the gaming industry in Argentina.

Together the lawmakers have called for a ban on ATM’s in casinos and in the vicinity of casinos, bingo halls and racetracks. The lawmakers have introduced a new bill which would ban ATM’s from being within 300 metre radius of all gaming betting establishments as well as new laws which would limit opening hours. Calls for change as well as a restriction of opening hours have been growing of late in order to project those addicted to gambling amongst fears that is those from the poorest backgrounds who are most vulnerable.

The bill proposes that the National Lottery should be responsible for putting the new law into effect. Deputy Durand Cornejo explained that his proposals are aimed at guaranteeing the “right to health” and aimed at “diminishing the frequency” with which those addicted to gambling play.
When introducing the new bill, Durand Cornejo said that in Argentina there was a “direct link between the social economic crisis, the proliferation of drugs, casinos, slot machines and the growth of this addiction which can be equated with alcoholism or drug addiction.” Lawmakers are also aiming at reducing opening hours in order to reach the same goal with Deputy Durand Cornejo claiming that the game rooms in Argentina are “usually open 24 hours 365 days a year.” A reduction of opening hours could, it is believed, be a step in alleviating the problem.

Calls for new rules which would help safeguard locals from gambling addiction are gathering momentum with cross party consensus growing on the issue nationwide. In the city of Gualeguaychú in the province of Entre Rios lawmakers met last week to discuss plans which would limit the amount of investment in casinos in the city and would restrict opening hours as well.

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