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Argentina – Online gambling launches in Córdoba

By - 15 January 2024

Online operators in Córdoba recorded revenues of 25 million pesos per day (around US$ 30,000) during the first official week of operation. In the first week online platforms reported revenues of $173,447,344 pesos (around US$213,000) with an average of $11,118 (US$13) for each registered user, according to the province officials.

Online gaming is now fully enabled in the territory of Córdoba after completing a 45 day trial period between November 21st and January 4th. Of the four authorized companies, three have begun to take bets. Officially, the market was launched on Friday the 5th, with the launch of Jugadón later, on Monday the 8th, both Playcet and Bplay went live. It is expected that in the coming weeks Betsson will also be launched.

According to the Córdoba gaming regulatory body, from January 5 to 12, 15,608 players registered on gaming platforms. PlayCet leads the market with 13,422 registered users, followed by Bplay, with 1,535, and Jugadón, with 650 users. 

“If the level of bets registered in the first seven days is maintained, and bearing in mind that there are still no advertising campaigns by the platforms enabled in Córdoba, over the course of a year the number of money bet could exceed 9,000 million pesos. It is a conservative calculation no matter how you look at it,” officials told local press.

In November the government of Córdoba province announced that online gambling would go live. However from November 21 and for 45 days, until January 5, the platforms were only permitted to operate in a “demo” format.  Once the deadline expired, real betting was permitted.

Although eight pre-license agreements were awarded only four online betting platforms launched. Four companies pulled out mainly due to high licensing costs. 

According to the lottery, the objective of the 45-day demo period was “to raise awareness in society regarding safe gaming, which contains all Responsible Gaming policies, meets the highest standards of quality and protection of society” in order to “combat and eradicate illegal gambling.”

Online betting is only permitted from devices located in the province of Córdoba and online gambling is distributed between four companies: Betsson, PlayCet, B-Play and Jugadón.  Licenses are valid for 15 years and may not be renewed.

Betsson partnered up with Argentine casino operator Casino de Victoria. Locally based slot operator CET (Concesionaria de Entretenimiento y Turismo) operates jointly with the Paraguayan sports betting operator Daruma Sam.  Buenos Aires-based slot operator Boldt partnered with SG Digital (B-Play), while online casino brand Jugadón is operated by a group that operates arcades, racetracks and slot machines in the province of San Luis.

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