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Australia- Tangam polishes the bottom line on Crown’s tables

By - 1 June 2012

Crown Melbourne has deployed Tangam’s award-winning Table Games Yield Management (TYM) system to increase table games profitability and enhance the player experience. TYM is now operating across 400 table games at Crown Melbourne, including Baccarat, Blackjack and Roulette.
“TYM proved its value to Crown by improving operational efficiency, assisting in delivering both revenue growth and labour efficiencies by helping to ensure the best possible game occupancy and availability for valued patrons,” said Sean McCreery, Executive General Manager of Table Games at Crown. “Yield management principles have been applied for many years across the business, but TYM has provided an infinitely more efficient way of delivering the benefits of yield management.”
Prem Gururajan, President of Tangam added: “Tangam is thrilled to partner with our newest customer Crown. We have benefited greatly from Crown’s leadership in applying innovative technology to create more value for their patrons and improve business performance. The excellence of Sean’s operational team helped make the deployment successful and we look forward to continue working with Sean and his team.”
TYM is a business intelligence tool that helps operators improve their table game mix, table spreads, schedules and betting minimums management. TYM provides predictive analytics to adjust table spread / schedules based on customer demand patterns, recommendations on how to change the game mix to serve unmet customer segments, and real time prompts to floor staff to open or close more games and set betting minimums as player demand fluctuates throughout the day. These components allow a casino to increase profitability and enhance the experience of the players they already have coming through their doors.

Mr. McCreery added that yield management of table games had definitely impacted the bottom line. “The business has clearly witnessed the benefit of using yield management technology in key metrics such as win per open hour and table utilisation ratios, particularly in Crown’s mass‐market games and high volume premium areas,” he explained. “ Overall labour efficiency has improved simply by the business now having the capacity to dynamically ’tweak’ employee rosters to better match supply with changes in demand. Ultimately, it has allowed Crown to use science to determine where best to allocate labour and product based on the demand for that day or period, as opposed to relying on intuition.

The casino’s Business Improvement Manager, David Croft, added: “Using yield management technology has allowed Crown to better manage our labour. The specific planning of table spreads and game mix, based on changes in demand, is now more efficient and continuous. Crown’s operational staff are more confident and dynamic in opening or closing tables, along with setting price points, using science rather than instinct. One of the leading indicators that was tracked was the percentage of tables that were ‘unoccupied’, ‘at optimal occupancy’, ‘above optimal occupancy’ and ‘below optimal occupancy’, and there have been improvements across all of these metrics.”

He points to a reduction in the percentage of tables ‘unoccupied’ from 33 per cent to approximately 22 per cent by optimising spreads. “The result is increased profitability and improved availability for customers,” Mr. Croft added.

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