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BF Games: Made-to-Measure Gaming

By - 6 May 2020

Claudia Melcaru, Head of Business Development for BF Games, believes that a new way for operators and developer to collaborate in the creation of games is inevitable as the gaming industry matures.

Does the future of games development lie in the tailoring of exclusive content for gaming operators?

Much has been said about the online casino sector being saturated with suppliers offering the same products that lack differentiation. Thousands of games flood the market with few managing to leave a lasting impression. Although operators are constantly looking for unique content, now more than ever, suppliers are battling to quickly create innovative games that can fill the betting gap that the cancellation of all major sporting events has left as a result of the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak.

Even before this challenging time began, we realised the demand from operators to have customised content, exclusive to them and their customers. Although we have seen examples of exclusive content over the years, it has not yet become widely implemented. But the approach offers benefits for all parties involved: the operator gets unique content to offer its customers; suppliers build a stronger relationship with their operator partner and therefore increase the likelihood of future business deals; and players get something different to what can be found in the majority of games lobbies.

An exclusive game is a great acquisition tool and gives a welcome boost to operators’ marketing campaigns, especially in regulated markets where traditional forms of advertising can be restricted. It also influences the retention rates as players will come back to the same operator to play that particular game it can’t access anywhere else. It can also strengthen the company brand by having personalised products that are branded or feature a logo.

Overall, we have seen a shift towards suppliers and operators working closer together to share new ideas for themes, mechanics and features. Afterall, operators are the ones that know their player base the best and can aid the supplier in creating successful content. Taking that cooperation one step further to develop operator-specific content therefore makes sense, and why we at BF Games have now extended our services to be able to offer our partners personalised products based on their needs.

Collaborating with operators gives us valuable insight into player data, which in turn simplifies the creation process from the beginning to the end. Our partners’ opinions on what they think will work and what won’t with their client base in particular markets can be a very useful tool when designing new content. The main challenge lies in creating a game that is in keeping with the studio’s style yet meets the requirements of the operator.

In general, studios are keen to deliver on particular requests and create something that is fresh and new, while still performing well and without losing the signature features they are known for. Another challenge lies in the math model as it can be difficult to create something totally new and innovative when the industry is so mature and has done a great job in creating even more advanced models.

Ultimately, we believe the advantages outweigh the challenges in creating unique content and are excited about working together with our partners to push the boundaries of operator exclusive games. We are looking forward to revealing the fruits of our labour in the near future.

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