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Canada – Caesars launches collaborative plans for Toronto

By - 4 November 2012

Caesars has come out fighting in Toronto by publishing a collection of artist’s renderings depicting its vision for a casino in the Canadian city.

Responding to requests from the province’s lottery corporation, the images show the existing Metro Convention Centre in the city could be transformed via a Caesars-inspired casino project. It includes a towering glass entrance to a multi-level gaming facility on Front Street, at the western end of a new hotel and commercial complex on the current site of the Metro Convention Centre.

Jan Jones, a spokesperson for Caesars, said: “The debate is ongoing around Toronto as a location, what this might mean to the city. People want to have a sense of what does it look like, where it might go, although ultimately that is the city’s decision. This is our preference because of the way the resort would integrate with the rest of downtown and the other local businesses.”

The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corp. provided a list of guidelines including building the project into existing infrastructure, respecting the proximity to residential and related areas and the inclusion of green space, non-gaming amenities and sustainability.

Ms. Jones was keen to highlight that Caesars’ ‘collaborative approach’ would not cannibalise other businesses in the area.

“We’d probably more likely look for a local partner to help us program our entertainment. We don’t want to keep people from going to the shows and entertainment that exists,” she explained.

The convention centre site is Caesar’s first choice because of its closeness to the entertainment district and its accessibility. Caesar’s believes that it makes most sense site for the city as it adds to an existing tourist destination, and would not compete with established businesses by drawing people to a separate location.

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