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Canada – Peerplay’s Graphene-based blockchain RNG being tested by GLI

By - 15 June 2020

Peerplays RNG, the provably fair next-generation random number generator, developed on the Peerplays blockchain, is currently undergoing comprehensive testing from world-renowned testing regulator GLI with the goal of being a GLI endorsed platform.

The mission of Peerplays RNG is to future-proof the igaming and charitable gaming sector by introducing distributed ledger technology to enhance integrity and fairness for the players in the industries and also assist regulators and governing structures to provide more secure, transparent, and fair environments for players and operators.

Said PBSA: “We’re looking forward to a long and lasting partnership with GLI, as well as their gaming clients who believe players deserve the full transparency that Peerplays RNG provides. Being the only decentralized RNG in North America with GLI’s literal stamp of approval will allow us to disrupt the casino, igaming, and charitable gaming industries. Peerplays RNG is designed to seamlessly integrate with products to guarantee verifiable randomness on all actions, and we look forward to working with the industry to usher in this new paradigm of transparency.”

Peerplays RNG was designed with the belief that trusting randomness in private code simply wasn’t good enough for the expectations of today’s generation. Utilising the latest blockchain technology to ensure complete and provable randomness, achieved via a distributed ledger interface that generates and stores random numbers on the blockchain, PBSA is confident in the RNG’s ability to transform the world of gaming on a global scale. PBSA is supporting the effort by working with leading testing lab GLI to verify the RNG for use in North America.

It goes beyond traditional RNGs by verifying all actions on the blockchain, meaning that players, operators, and regulators when needed, can validate the randomness of a transaction for real-time proof.

PBSA believes everyone should have access to this technology because no one should be denied provable fairness. For this reason, the RNG can be seamlessly integrated into virtually any online gaming product, including blockchain and non-blockchain based applications.

PBSA added: “At a time when the online gaming industry is facing something of a trust problem, Peerplays RNG can deliver verifiable randomness designed to show players and operators that games are fair. For too long, random number generation has been considered something of an afterthought by games suppliers. Peerplays RNG delivers a next generation RNG with added functionality that can bring incremental benefits to games suppliers, operators, and their customers. We have already received considerable interest in the product from game developers who believe like we do, that verifiable, trustworthy solutions in games are what this generation of gamers deserve. The first of these innovators will be announcing their partnership in the coming weeks.”

Peerplays RNG uses Graphene-based blockchain technology to generate a random number from secret hashes. The technology guarantees provable randomness that can be verified in real time.

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