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Canada – Revolutionary Fast Registration Solution FastPlay launches on the Ontarian market

By - 14 November 2022

FastPlay has been launched by Wyzia Financial Inc to supply the regulated Ontarian market with a fast registration and quick deposit solution, making it the first of its kind in Canada.

When playing online, it is easy for end-users to spend a long time going through endless verification processes before they start playing. FastPlay’s aim is to make this process as frictionless as possible by using the end-user’s method of payment to identify the end-user while verifying their personal details and processing a deposit. This unique solution does not simply offer a timely and efficient solution to an otherwise arduous process, but also provides more security as players will no longer be required to provide details manually.

Upon launching FastPlay, Wyzia confirmed that the process is simple and straightforward. Through an all-in-one integration, operators are able to cover all their KYC needs, including enhanced KYC through WyziaSecure. The end-users process an INTERAC deposit through online banking and register at the same time. The identification process is safely done through their online banking environment. The end-users complete their withdrawal in their online banking environment. While the payment is being processed, the merchant gets all KYC information.

Offering more benefits and less hassle, FastPlay will help operators secure end-users by not asking them to provide sensitive information and significantly increase retention rates among other benefits.

“FastPlay is a brand launched on the market promising to revolutionise the way Canadian consumers play, making it easy and accessible whilst fully adhering to regulatory standards of such an industry. The roll-out of this solution is part of a wider exercise to ensure that the solution brings a faster gaming experience, wider coverage in terms of operators, and the latest innovative technology for Canadian consumers. The new milestone is part of value investment in new infrastructure which Wyzia’s team has worked tirelessly on”. Addressing the media at the launch, CEO Guy Fietz said “Today, as we celebrate the first end-user of FastPlay in Canada, we are once again delivering on our brand promise to Great Value to our partners. Whilst launching this solution, we are committed to continue innovating in a market environment which dictates not only innovation, but quality standards, sensitivity to player requirements and more importantly responsibility in one’s operations.”

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