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Chile – Casino revenue reaches US$61m in December in Chile

By - 8 February 2019

The gaming casino industry in Chile, made up of the 18 gaming casinos authorised by Law No. 19.995 and the seven municipal casino license, registered gross gaming revenues (win) during December 2018, of $39,873m (approximately US$ 61m), a real monthly variation of 0.6 per cent compared to the same month of the previous year, while the cumulative real growth rate stood at 3.1 per cent over the last 12 months.

According to the latest report released by the Chilean Gaming Control Board (SJC), in terms of the $39,873 million gross gaming revenue, generated by the casinos Sun Monticello came in first place with 17.9 per cent ($ 7,121m). In second place was Casino Rinconada 11 per cent ($4,387m) and in third place was Casino Viña del Mar 10.5 per cent ($ 4,192m). This was followed by Marina del Sol Talcahuano 8.9 per cent ($ 3,533m). Coquimbo 6.2 per cent ($2,462m). Enjoy Antofagasta 4.8 per cent ($1,929m). Dreams Punta Arenas 4.5 per cent ($1,802m). Casino de Iquique 4.5 per cent ($ 1,790m). Dreams Temuco 4.5 per cent ($1,779m). Casino Puerto Varas 3.1 per cent ($ 1,240m). Marina del Sol Calama 2.8 per cent ($1,104m). Antay Casino & Hotel 2.7 per cent ($ 1,069m). Dreams Valdivia 2.5 per cent ($1,012 m). Gran Casino de Talca 2.3 per cent ($937m). Casino de Pucón 2.2 per cent ($861m). Marina del Sol Osorno 2 per cent ($ 814m). Casino de Juegos del Pacífico 1.8 per cent ($ 720m). Dreams Coyhaique 1.2 per cent ($493m). Casino Luckia Arica 1.2 per cent ($ 475m). Casino de Colchagua 1.1 per cent ($456m). Casino de Arica 1 per cent ($407m). Casino Gran Los Ángeles 1 per cent ($404m). Ovalle Casino Resort S.A. 0.9 per cent ($378m). Enjoy Chiloé 0.8 per cent ($ 337m). In final place was Casino de Natales with 0.4 per cent ($171m).
Gross income recorded by the casinos authorized by Law No. 19.995 recorded gaming gross revenues of $28,751 million, which made up 72.1 per cent of the total. This was a real variation of 4.0 per cent in comparison with December 2017. As a result, the regulated industry recorded an accumulated real growth rate of 5.2 per cent, in the last twelve months. Meanwhile the 449,676 registered visits reflected a variation of -2.0 per cent compared to December 2017 and an accumulated growth of 2.4 per cent in the last 12 months.

Regarding visitor spending, during the month of December for the casinos which already come under the supervision of the SJC average expenditure stood at $63,936 per visit meaning a real variation of 6.1 per cent when compared to December 2017, but a real cumulative growth when it came to expenditure of 2.7 per cent over the last 12 months.

The amount played in the month of December, in the 10,338 gaming machines that were in operation in the 18 non-municipal casinos amounted to $382,484m. The prizes paid out to the players reached $ 359,304m, equivalent to 93.9 per cent of the total bets made.

In December the municipalities and regions where the casinos are located received a total of $10,781m in gaming tax revenue from the eighteen municipal casinos while they also generated an additional $1,522 in tax on entrance fees for the state. On top of this amount they also generated $ 4,590 in gaming VAT.

On the other hand, the municipal casinos recorded a total of $11,122m gross revenue, which made up total of 27.9 per cent of the industry total. This figure reflects a real monthly variation of -2.8 per cent compared to December 2017 and an accumulated real growth of -2.2 per cent in the last 12 months. Meanwhile, total visitors to the municipal casinos (not including the casino in Puerto Varas, which does not record this information) stood at 188,028 for the month of December.

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