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Chile – Chile casinos suffer revenue slump in May

By - 15 July 2016

Gaming revenues were down in May but have grown over the last twelve months in Chile.

According to statistics released by the Chilean Gaming Control Board (SJC) the 16 casinos overseen by the board recorded gross gaming income (win) of $26.801bn pesos (U$S40,406,346) in May – 2.5 per cent less when compared to the same month last year but the industry has grown by 7.2 per cent over the last twelve months.
The number of visitors in May stood at 448,373 – 9.2 per cent less than last year but over the last twelve months visitor numbers have increased by 3.6 per cent. On average visitors spent $59,774 each – a 7.4 percent increase compared to May last year and 3.5 per cent over the last year.

In May the 16 municipalities and 11 regions where the casinos are located received a total of $4.374bn in gaming tax revenue while the casinos generated an additional $1.428bn in tax on entrance fees for the state. On top of this amount the casinos also generated $4.279bn in gaming VAT in May.

Of the total of $26.801bn in gross gaming income the Sun Monticello came in first place with 26.7 per cent ($7.168 bn). Marina del Sol Talcahuano recorded revenues of 12.8 per cent ($3.422bn). Casino Rinconada 12.8 per cent ($3.430bn). Enjoy Antofagasta 9.0 per cent ($2.424bn). Dreams Temuco 7.1 per cent ($ 1.914 bn). Dreams Punta Arenas 5.8 per cent ($1.567bn). Casino Sol Calama 4.2 per cent ($ 1.129bn). Gran Casino de Talca 3.7 per cent ($1.002bn). Dreams Valdivia 3.5 per cent ($950m). Casino & Hotel Antay 3.3 per cent ($891m). Marina del Sol Osorno 2.7 per cent ($731m). Casino de Juegos Pacifico 2.3 per cent ($623m). Casino de Colchagua 2.2 per cent ($591m). Casino Gran Los Ángeles 1.6 per cent ($429m). Dreams Coyhaique 1.4 per cent ($381m) and Enjoy Chiloé 0.6 per cent ($150m).

According to the SJC the 10,124 slot machines in operation in May handed out an average of 93.7 per cent of the stake. While the total bets made on slot machines stood at $349.575bn the prizes handed out stood at $327.696bn leaving a total win for the casinos of $879m.

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