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Colombia – Colombia grants 17th licence to Games and Betting

By - 28 February 2019

Colombian gaming regulator Coljuegos has granted a new licence to locally based operator Games and Betting S.A. making it the 17th authorised operator in the country.

The company under the domain will offer online sports betting, online slots and roulette. The company Games and Betting S.A.S signed a licence agreement with Coljuegos, for three years. Coljuegos estimates that it will receive $3,115,184,887 in return for operating rights.

Head of Coljuegos Juan B. PĂ©rez Hidalgo welcomed the news saying that it was further proof that online gaming was becoming increasingly popular amongst Colombian players.

“This week marks 30 months since Coljuegos authorized online gaming to be operated via third parties. According to the latest statistics, there are a total of 2,011,664 registered accounts (up to 31st January) via the different operators, which shows the widespread acceptance of these games by Colombians.”

The new operator is a Colombian sports betting company, which has a European platform with extensive experience and reliability in the market according to the regulator. The company will enter the market with a network of service points and affiliates that will ensure that it will have a significant presence throughout the territory.

Earlier this month Coljuegos reported a record collection of revenue from online gaming licensing and exploitation rights during 2018. Operator rights for online gambling reached over $37bn (US $ 11,880,355).

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