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Costa Rica – joins EquityPokerNetwork

By - 7 November 2013

The is enjoying a sizable surge in liquidity, following the announcement that yet another online poker room,, has joined the new Cooperative Network.

The addition of GearPoker to EPN is a further boost to the building momentum amongst recreational players looking for a friendly and safe poker environment. EPN is also earning industry credibility and cachet for its unique ‘non-profit’ business model, as a growing number of Operators buy into EPN’s “fairer future” promise, and its guarantee of a level playing field for all, plus more profits back to the Operators.

Stability and security are emphasized for both poker room Operators and players across the Network, with EPN’s “Clearing House” always holding funds to cover cross-cage liabilities and payouts between EPN rooms. This layer of insurance insulates the Network and the Operators from the failure of a single Operator in the Cooperative, and with funds held separately, the Network and its players are protected as well.

This system of checks and balances makes EPN the obvious Network alternative for GearPoker, an online poker room that places integrity and security as its highest priority.  EPN and GearPoker’s shared commitment to delivering a safe and watertight online poker room to players around the world, with games that set the highest standard of fairness, security, and privacy, has been a driving force in the two businesses coming together.

“Partnering with Operators that are clearly on the same page as us is important for the longevity of the Network, and we’re thrilled to welcome GearPoker to EPN.  As a founding member of our Cooperative, GearPoker brings an ethos of integrity and reliability with them that sits perfectly with EPN’s own goal of delivering a world-class, entertaining online poker experience to its players that they can trust, and a platform that is dedicated to increased layers of security, improved fraud detection and prevention, and setting the standard for the fastest payouts in the business,” said Network Founder and CEO, Clive Archer.

GearPoker makes the move to EPN from the Chico Poker Network, with its player base able to access their account balances immediately, and to participate in their choice of EPN’s ring games, sit n gos, and scheduled tournaments against players from and The added Network liquidity is perfectly timed to coincide with the launch of real-money gaming options this Friday, November 8th; the enhanced player pool will translate into more games running for longer around-the-clock, and players being able to quickly identify a table to play at the right stakes, at any time of day or night.

Powered by scalable software that has been tried and tested for over 10 years, EPN is well equipped to provide tailored turnkey services to Operators around the world in all jurisdictions with multi-currency and multi-language capability.

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