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CT Gaming: Striking the perfect balance

By - 22 September 2020

G3 interviews CT Gaming founder, Milo Borissov, about the transition land-based games developers have made to enable the leap into the digital domain with their titles.

What is the relationship between CT Gaming and CT Gaming Interactive?

CT Gaming is a manufacturer and provider of casino games, slot machines, and gaming solutions with over 20 years of history. In 2012, we created the brand CT Gaming Interactive and from the onset it has offered a versatile and very successful portfolio of products including an online catalogue of over 150 HTML5 games, provided through our ELEPHANT Remote Game Server, and a white label solution platform.

Despite all the challenges caused by the changed situation globally, we are going full steam keeping up with the times and audiences’ tastes. We are witnessing online gaming’s evolution and CT Gaming Interactive is our spearhead in the new iGaming environment.

Are there big differences in the development process between creating land-based and online titles? What assets, such as graphics, bonuses, and mechanics, change from one environment to another?

The online slot machines work in pretty much the same way as land-based machines, except, you can play them anywhere and at any time. The pillar of the game creation process is the human imagination. Slot games have evolved into rich entertaining escapes for players.

They have complex and interesting storylines that engage players with dynamic sounds, rich graphics, and animations. Coupled with this, the various math and volatility models being employed also play an important part in creating an enjoyable and entertaining experience.

What differentiates us most as a company is that we engage with customers on a whole new level. Our products appeal to players’ emotions and values their needs which is very important given that we increasingly witness the shortened attention span of consumers because of the intensity of offerings in the online gaming environment.

We offer players a game experience that best reflects their own personality. It is complemented with plenty of rewards, loyalty programmes and other ways to engage players in unique concepts such as our new Jackpot concept launched under the name of Hot Cash.

We strive to offer the best solutions for both operators and players that ultimately connects customers with our brand and gives the in- person experiences that are a crucial part of making customers love our products.

A number of games are now moving from the land-based environment to online. How are your company dealing with the trend?

Most of our games are well known from the brick and mortar casinos and they have been loved and preferred by players around the globe. That makes a solid foundation on which CT Gaming Interactive is building by reinforcing our games arsenal with new online titles. Our game offerings are always tuned with the market needs and are for all levels of experience – relaxing, classic slots to action- packed games.

Around five years ago, there was a flurry in omnichannel. Are players looking to play the same game on a desktop computer and mobile phone? Are players’ expectations different between devices?

We have developed and implemented on our omnichannel concept we introduced a few years ago. The omnichannel strategy includes a sophisticated platform for cross-channel delivery, management of customers, simultaneous cross-launching of games for both slot machines, and online delivery to different devices. We developed an integrated approach for a variety of features from the real land-based casino operation.

Through familiar content, the online operators are fulfilling one of the prerequisites for customers to enjoy the transition resembling the real brick and mortar casino experience through the new delivery methods.

CT Gaming Interactive products help to engage with players in every step of the way and the transferability of gameplay to multiple devices is key to allowing the customer to benefit from the shift to an omnichannel approach. The game experience is integrated into a single-engine platform, called Leopard, availing a seamless and effortless approach and customer management.

How do you predict what brick and mortar games will perform online?

The knowledge accumulated from understanding traditional brick and mortar casino consumer preferences gives us access to plenty of appealing ways to approach customers with online game content. We know that the personalised gaming experience is crucial for a brand to stand out and navigate through the jungle of offerings online and we offer it. By delivering the right content we create a smooth transition into a new experience and we build trust that is critical to the maintenance of loyalty.

How do player demographics inform the development process and adaptation of CT’s games for the two environments?

We are adding tools and executing an effective omnichannel strategy through all digital channels to keep up with the preferences of all demographics of players. Through CT Gaming Interactive, we stay close to the operators in every moment with enhanced portfolio offerings, new games, new technology, and knowhow. Yet, our landbased focus and strategy haven’t shifted and we are working hard on new product development that will be launched shortly.

The pandemic has seen many traditional land- based players shift to digital. Are we going to see a more permanent change in the future of the player environment?

This situation became a game-changer and we witnessed a surge in online gaming with players eager to be entertained and to continue playing their favourite games in the changed circumstances. However, many brick and mortar players seek in the gaming experience more than time in front of the computer, they need to socialise and they are inevitably coming back to the casinos and gaming halls once they open.

Now, the B2C relationship means much more to the players. This means not only an active marketing and promotional strategy, but to engage with players every step of the way during their gaming experience. This is important when it comes to the younger generation of players since they are sophisticated technology users constantly searching for new and exciting experiences and searching for better games and improved promotions.

To achieve the balanced combination for all, we are creative and consider the demographic in every market, their habits, and the gaming preferences of a diverse variety of players in order to develop and offer the best and most suitable portfolio mix. The new reality will shape the future of the industry and create new opportunities for gaming with a much more personalised gaming experience that will bring the players to a new level of entertainment.

Milo Borissov is founder, president, and CEO of CT Gaming. The Company is globally renowned with products licensed in more than 50 gaming jurisdictions. Mr. Borissov has been in the gaming business for over 25 years and has a profound vision and knowledge of the industry. Being an engineer in electronics and automation, he is the mastermind behind the company’s products, developed alongside a skilful team of professionals. He is one of the founders of the Bulgarian Trade Association of the manufacturers and operators in the gaming industry. Mr. Borissov is an owner of intellectual property rights over objects of the industrial and intellectual property – patents, trademarks and software products, registered internationally.

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