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ETGs offer operational distancing solutions

By - 14 September 2020

Goran Sovilj, Managing Director of Spintec, explains how operators can ensure customer safety with socially distanced multi-players and why Electronic Gaming Terminals are a great addition to any casino floor.

Could you tell us more about Spintec’s ETG installation at the Casino de Monte-Carlo?

The system is configured as eight Aura terminals connected to one standalone automated roulette wheel and to French and American live roulette tables. We started this project to attract a wider audience to live roulette as it can be quite intimidating for new or less experienced players. When re-opening after casino closures due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it offered additional value as the number of people allowed on a live table is limited and our terminals offered a perfect solution continuing live games in line with social distancing protocols.

How do you customise multi-player solutions for operators?

The standalone, amphitheatre or stadium setup gives the operator lots of freedom in terms of setup in terms of number of machines and games. Our customers can choose between a full package of table games like roulette, baccarat, blackjack, sicbo and craps. Spintec is unique in customising products to any casino floor which can be done fully in the style of the casino, including customer branding, and this was an important element for the classical and luxurious Casino de Monte-Carlo. We like to emphasise our product customisation to customers as we believe it gives great added value.

How is Spintec ensuring its multi-player solutions are suitable for the current environment and meet social distancing requirements?

We currently see demand increasing with the Aura as it’s a standalone terminal which is ensuring distance between people. It also provides a solution to live table games by connecting live tables to our terminals. Alongside that, we are offering transparent plexiglass barriers, which gives protection and makes players feel safe.

From a supplier’s perspective, do you think physical social distancing is a suitable style of operation? How can operators manage the floor space of an automated Roulette with 10 playing stations in a socially distanced way?

Safety is the number one priority for us as manufacturers as well as operators. By following safety protocols, operators are doing everything in their power to ensure players can play safely and minimise any negative impact on a great casino experience. Operators can manage the floor space by putting in place plexiglass barriers, disinfecting hands and instructing guests to keep a safe distance.

What are the current trends within multi- players and how has the perception of multi-players shifted within the industry?

What players want very much varies per country but in general we do see standalone terminals connected to live games as a trend, which has grown in strength due to Covid-19. To keep live games in operation is very challenging for operators because of distance, disinfecting chips and playing surfaces, so a solution with a dealer assisted table and connection to standalone terminals has proven to be a great solution for both players and staff. This also applies in the case of an automatic and virtual games.

We are seeing a shift from standard compact solutions Karma, which is still our mainstream product to Aura standalones which enable more games, both automatic, live and virtual at the same time. This concept also leaves room for later additions in terms of number of gaming venues and selection of games.

Spintec offers a progressive jackpot system to its Karma Roulette. What is the function of these progressive systems?

Our progressive system allows additional winnings in addition to the standard rules of the game, which further increases the interest level of the game and thus gameplay. The system has been setup in a way that the Jackpot can be won by several players at once, and it is up to the casino to set up to either distribute the winnings to all players equally or proportionally to the player’s bet.

Spintec has recently signed an exclusive long- term distribution agreement with Dynamic Gaming Solutions, based in Oklahoma City. How do you see the US multi-player market shaping up? Are installation rates at the level you would expect for a market of its size?

Our partnership with Dynamic Gaming Solutions is an important milestone for both companies. Industry reports indicate that the install base in the US of ETGs vs slots is below one per cent which is a fraction of the install base in other regions such as Europe and Asia.

Due to Covid-19, casinos are reviewing whether it is necessary to have a large number of live table which can be partially automised with our solutions. Furthermore, ETGs are a great addition to any casino floor as it attracts a wider audience than traditional slot games and you have so many ways in creating stadium setups making it a lively and fun experience for the players.

Whilst Spintec has installations across the globe, what markets are most exciting? Where is the greatest potential for multi-players?

Every project we do is exciting and different on its own way which makes our business both fun and dynamic. The most exciting market in terms of potential is definitely the US. Even though we are going through challenging times, we are thankful to have concluded exciting projects in Monte-Carlo and Switzerland. Both of these are demanding market, proving we have been recognised as one of the most dependable yet innovative solution providers in the ETG segment.

Our next step will be entering the French market through one of the SFMs. At the beginning of this year we have established our regional sales office in the Netherlands to increase our market presence in Western Europe which we will succeed in despite these unprecedented times.

Finally, how do you expect multi-players to develop over the coming years? What new game types and experiences do you foresee becoming popular?

In the future, we see a development trend in terms of connecting ETG products to online games, so that the same player can experience the same on the terminals in the casino as well as anywhere else. We believe that making inroads into online gaming will further advance our land-based product. Local market orientation is also very important in the development of new games – we are currently working on games for the Asian market and this requires a specific and in-depth approach.

Goran Sovilj is Managing Director at Spintec Nederland B.V. A passionate and driven Gaming industry executive with an acknowledged track record. He manages a team in the Netherlands covering the Benelux, Switzerland, France, Monaco, Ukraine and the United States.

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