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Fincore: optimising sportsbook performance for major tournaments

By - 3 June 2024

John Chyriwsky, Head of Marketing at Fincore, details how operators can keep players engaged throughout major sporting events and beyond.

What’s the purpose of Fincore’s Tri Software?

Fincore’s Tri Sportsbook is a cutting-edge sports betting platform that combines advanced automation, real-time data analytics, and an intuitive interface to revolutionise trading and enhance the betting experience.

With comprehensive coverage of sports and betting markets, Tri Sportsbook offers unmatched efficiency and flexibility. The Trading Manager App empowers operators to manage high volumes effortlessly, especially during major events like the Euros.

What measures should sports betting operators be taking to elevate their overall performance ahead of major events?

If operators can handle high-traffic periods, like a busy Saturday during the football season, they’re likely prepared for major events. However, events like the Euros attract many new and returning customers.

To keep them engaged, operators must deliver an optimal experience from the first bet onward. The customer clock is always ticking and if they can’t quickly get to the bets they want, exactly at the time they want, then they’ll quickly move on.

How does Fincore’s TRI Sportsbook help keep players engaged with operator throughout the tournament and beyond?

TRI Sportsbook has been designed to enable the player to get to what they want in as few clicks as possible. Using the latest data science and AI, we focus on turning real-time data into actionable insights. So, the platform is telling the operator what the customer wants next to keep them engaged, whether it’s a personalised bet recommendation, odds or bonus.

It’s a platform that thinks quickly, so the operator can act quickly. Giving the customer a personalised experience is key to enabling bets in as few clicks as possible, and as we know timing is crucial, we can use automation to deliver this next action within the right time window and keep the player engaged.

How important is leveraging automation to enhance trading efficiency and manage the surge in activity during major tournaments, such as the Euros?

In high-profile tournaments, automation is primarily driven by data feeds that provide high-fidelity prices. Fincore’s Tri Sportsbook automates the flow and processing of this data, allowing operational oversight to focus on risk management. The platform’s configurability and default settings ensure appropriate risk limits are maintained.

Tri Sportsbook offers unparalleled awareness of incoming business, alerting traders as exposure levels approach thresholds. The system can auto knock-back or reoffer bets as danger levels are reached, with traders being notified to intervene if necessary. Further automation extends risk limits when the business is deemed favourable. This approach ensures smooth operation even during peak times.

What measures does Fincore take to ensure seamless integration of its technology with operators’ existing platforms, enabling them to maximise performance without disruption ahead of and during major tournaments such as the Euros?

TRI Sportsbook is highly customisable and can easily integrate into an operator’s existing platforms. Ensuring seamless integration of our technology with operators’ existing platforms is a core focus at Fincore, regardless of the event’s magnitude.

While major tournaments might inspire novel or unique special offers requiring additional capabilities, the integration process itself remains consistent. We conduct thorough assessments and employ API-based integration to ensure compatibility and minimal disruption.

Should an operator design special promotions for a tournament, additional capability or workflow adjustments may be necessary and tested in advance. We will always provide a very straight forward and honest view of what can be achieved in the timescales allowed.

There is nothing worse than going into key trading periods with your plans in tatters because your technology partner overpromised and under-delivered. At Fincore, we always deliver on-time what we say we will.

Finally, what’s key to retaining audiences after tournaments have concluded?

Fincore’s Tri Sportsbook ensures continued player engagement post-tournament by leveraging personalised marketing tools and real-time data insights. Just like during the tournament, our platform tailors’ promotions and content based on each user’s betting history and preferences, keeping them hooked.

The support for a wide range of events and special markets means there’s always something new to bet on. Using advanced analytics, operators can swiftly adapt to user behaviour and craft effective retention strategies that keeps players coming back long after the major events are over.

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