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France – French casinos offered new rules for table gaming as casinos reopen

By - 13 June 2021

French casinos will be offered new terms of operation when it comes to running table gaming in the pandemic era with both exemption from the opening obligation for table gaming or reduced duration depending on the size of the casino.

The new step in the government’s calendar is part of managing the way out of the health crisis, concerning casinos, from Wednesday, June 9, has led the Ministry of the Interior to make certain reductions or adjustments, in particular for table games.

The Central Service for Races and Games (SCCJ) specifies that for the period between June 9 and June 29 inclusive, casinos with one or two gaming tables installed are exempt from the obligation to operate traditional table games. Casinos with three to four tables must operate a minimum of three gaming tables per week for a minimum of four hours per week. Finally, the other establishments (from five tables installed) must operate at least one gaming table per day for a minimum period of four hours for each table.

For the operation of all games of money and chance, including table games, those accommodated are no longer required to have a seat. Wearing a mask is still compulsory.

As for groups of players, when these people have a seat, there must be a minimum distance of one seat or one meter between each person or group of people (six maximum) coming together or having booked together. In this framework six players can therefore sit on six machines, but a seat will have to separate this group from one side and the other from the other players of the establishment. For table games, people may not form a group formed around a seated player.

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