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G2E – DRGT to exhibit independently at G2E

By - 17 September 2016

Systems specialist DRGT will be in Las Vegas showing innovations such as drScreen, giving the casino the platform to communicate directly with the customer and drTable, which links all live gaming in the same manner as the slots.

Jurgen De Munck, CEO and co-founder of DRGT, commented: “We live and breathe systems. We provide the full A-Z service. Our gaming systems offer a host of benefits alongside extreme security. We understand that each operator has different system needs and so we focus on making them modular and flexible to cater to the individual requirements each of our customers. We listen to our customers and develop our systems to cater to their future requirements. There are so many reasons why DRGT should be your next system. We invite you to come to our booth, to find out just why.”

DRGT’s WAP technology offers a great range of wide-area and progressive jackpots. Again the customer testimonials offer great praise such as the Swiss Jackpot (that links the jackpot in seven different casinos).

DRGT’s drScreen is the way to communicate directly with your customer. With three options to choose from – drScreen, drScreenMini and drScreenMicro – find the best version that best fits your needs. Find out how drScreen increases customer satisfaction and your bottom line at the same time. Place your own or third party advertising directly on the slot machine, let your customer use the chosen touchscreen to further enliven game play. These are just some examples of how drScreen can enrich your customer communication experience.

The cdompany will be showing its range of side bets including Blackjack 11’s by placing a chip on his drSensor at the start of a new game. A player wins if the first two cards dealt come to the value of eleven. That’s not all – there are 5 combinations of the eleven. ‘Perfect Jackpot 11’ is when the player draws a King of Spades and a special ‘Jackpot’ Ace of Spades (the inclusion of this card is the only variation to the standard pack of cards). The casino can choose the combination of normal aces and new jackpot aces – so influence the probabilities of the Perfect Jackpot 11 being reached. More Jackpot Aces of Spades in the pack will lead to a higher win frequency with lower pay-out rates (less Jackpot Aces of Spades lead to fewer such wins but with higher pay-outs).

Another new game based on BlackJack – the player can place a side bet to participate. The display shows a virtual deck of cards and upon the game starting a virtual card is displayed. By combining this with the cards in their hand, the player has the possibility to have three cards of the same Suit and Value, to form the ‘triple’ – with the pair from the real cards and the virtual card on top. The odds range from 2 TO 1 (mixed colour pair) to 1000 TO 1 (perfect trip – three Kings all of the same suit).

Baccarat 11’s offers added excitement. The player places a single side bet – if either Player or Banker gets 11 in the first 2 cards, then the player wins. If both get 11 the player wins twice. Furthermore, the top progressive is any Ace & King Suited. Baccarat 11’s is simple to play and increases the game’s entertainment value.

Roll ’em Texas Hold ’em is the DRGT side bet for Texas Hold’em. Each ‘2’ card has a dice symbol and the player can participate on this side bet by placing a chip on the drSensor. The player wins when a ‘2’ is drawn – the more ‘2’s’, the higher the win and having ‘2’s’ of the same colour increases the win. This is a community side bet. If at least 2 ‘2’s’ are in the flop, then all players who are taking part in the side bet win! The Rollin’ bonus can be triggered at any time like a mystery. It chooses one drSensor, then the player is presented with a big red dice, where the ‘1’ is a slot machine button, the player presses it, and the overhead display shakes 3 dice virtually. The player then wins each dice value multiplied together with side bet value – so up to a maximum of 216 times the side bet value.

Also on show is the new ‘Switch’ feature. This allows the casino, at any point in time, to switch the side bet on the table at will, from BlackJack 11’s to Matchmaker and vice versa. This revolutionary first in tables progressives, allows the operators to mix and match the number of tables playing each type of BlackJack progressive according to customer demand. And better still: at DRGT you get all the Black Jack games in one go – thus all BlackJack Games are included at the same price.

Using its expertise in jackpot systems in slots, DRGT has integrated this technology so all of these new games can be linked to a jackpot – local-area or wide-area progressives. It is highly configurable – the Jackpot values, the Bonus games, the Increment values and even the graphic display themes can be simply managed by the casino operator – and of course they are simple and easy to manage.

All DRGT Tables Progressive games are highly configurable, the operator decides the payouts, Jackpots and bonus, and can choose to have Jackpots at whatever levels they require. Naturally like all DRGT products, this runs completely without a server, making it extremely reliable and cost effective to install and run. There is never a need for a physical upgrade – as this is built-into the DRGT software management – and is done at a touch of a button.

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