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G2e Las Vegas – Interblock getting holographic

By - 25 September 2012

The Interblock presentation at G2e will feature the latest generation of gaming products and for the first time ever, the company is to feature the Interblock Hologram Gaming Lounge, which will be unveiled to Interblock VIP clientele at the Las Vegas show.

One of the stars of the booth will be Organic Virtual, an attractive video table product. Virtual generators are totally independent as they do not require any human assistance when simulating traditional table games. The versions of Organic Virtual that will also be displayed at G2e are with Blackjack game in Portrait and brand new Baccarat in Landscape set up.

Organic Twins is an impressive looking machine, with utilisation of available terminals being the key behind its creation. Operators have the option to offer both Dice games and Roulette at the same time, on the same terminals. This multi-game, multi-denominational offering allows players to flip between games as they desire, with the objective of increasing play on each individual station through giving players what they want, when they want it.

Organic Bartop is one of the newest products in Interblock’s line-up. The most important advantage of this project is even bigger flexibility towards the customer as the product will allow players to play any offered game right on the  bar countertops. G4 Organic Bartop can simultaneously connect to several center units, allowing the players to individually select the game they wish to participate in.

G4 Organic Live Pulse or Pulse Arena is company’s new product and will be displayed in the USA for the first time. The version displayed will consist of 20 play stations and two live games, Roulette and Baccarat with the ability to place wagers electronically on a live wheel operated by a croupier or a live shoe being dealt for a baccarat game.


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