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Germany – Accusations rock German AWP sector

By - 23 March 2015

Extraordinary allegations have been made in the latest edition of Germany’s Der Spiegel magazine. The article in Saturday’s Der Spiegel details the arrest of a Turkish individual involved in commercial computer fraud in the street gambling sector in Germany. The man accused, Ali T, is known to suppliers in the German market as a security advisor, whose work has assisted in the identification of possible machine manipulation. However, the Der Spiegel report claims that not only did Ali T identify issues involving manipulation, but that he was in fact the author of these same manipulations.

The report shows that Lowen Entertainment machines have been repeatedly and systematically tampered with and attacked as part of Ali T’s activities. A nationwide police crackdown was instigated in January 2015 in relation to this matter and numerous additional arrests have been made. What’s shocking about the article and a recent press statement from Lowen Entertainment is that both sources claim that Paul Gauselmann, the Chairman of the Gauselmann Group, is associated in some way with the actions of Ali T. The Der Spiegel report mentions a 90 minute recorded conversation between Ali T and Paul Gauselmann from 2007, as evidence the two are connected.

In the Der Spiegel article the Gauselmann Group refutes the allegation, claiming that only a fragment of the conversation has been released, which was has been taken out of context. The Gauselmann Group states that the conversation was held to ascertain the level of manipulation in the marketplace, and was not for the purpose of proliferating the same.

In its press statement, however, Lowen Entertainment is calling for Mr. Gauselmann to suspend with immediate effect his position as Chairman of the Federation of German Gaming Industry (VDAI) and as a board member of the German Machine Industry (DAW).

Such allegations are unprecedented in the modern gaming industry and at this time G3Newswire has contacted both the Gauselmann Group and Lowen Entertainment for additional comment.

Links to the Lowen Statement and to the Der Spiegel magazine article.

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