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Germany – Aspire partners with NEG to re-launch Digibet

By - 13 May 2019

Aspire Global is teaming up with NEG Group Limited in the upcoming re-launch of Digibet in several European markets including Germany.

Aspire Global will be acquiring shares in NEG Group Limited for up to €2m which will be used for marketing of the brand in time for the UEFA euro 2020 tournament.

Digibet will be offering a regulated gaming experience focusing on sports betting. The brand, initially operating on another platform, will be re-launched on Aspire Global’s platform in H2 2019. Aspire Global will through acquisition of shares, invest up to €2 million based on milestones, which will be used for strengthening the re-launch of the brand. NEG Group on their side will be responsible for marketing activities, bringing valuable expertise related to the key markets and acquisition channels.

NEG Group Limited recently acquired the Digibet brand from UGT Group, aiming for a successful re-launch of the premium brand in several European markets including Germany, where UGT Group is one of twenty entities that have been pre-approved for a sports betting license once these are issued. In addition, the agreement with UGT Group thus grants Aspire Global access to UGT Group’s rights and allow Aspire Global to operate licensed betting operations in Germany upon regulation.

“We look forward to materializing the potential of the Digibet brand together with NEG Group. We see great opportunities for the re-launch coming with the strong brand-awareness, the upcoming UEFA euro 2020 tournament and the pre-approved German license”, says company CEO Tsachi Maimon.

“Aspire Global provides the optimal platform, ensuring a successful relaunch of the Digibet brand. Aspire Global offers a first-class platform, both when it comes to the technical solution and the team behind it, as well as a safe and entertaining experience for our audience”, said Alexander Zucker, Director at NEG Group.

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