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Germany – Gauselmann ready to vaccinate in Lübbecke and Espelkamp

By - 12 May 2021

The Gauselmann Group has rolled up its sleeves and prepared everything for the starting shot of the in-house vaccination.

The preparations of the Gauselmann Group for vaccinations have been in full swing since last November and have now been completed. The infrastructure for the vaccination routes at the Lübbecke site is ready. Everything is ready to go in Espelkamp as well: The old foundry, which is currently still functioning as a test center, will also be available as a vaccination center.

As soon as enough vaccine is available and the company doctors can be involved across the board, the Gauselmann Group will not only offer its own workforce a vaccination offer, but also make its vaccination line in the old foundry available to other companies in the region.

“We can only defeat the virus together, and that’s why it’s very important that we all pull together when it comes to vaccination,” emphasised company founder and CEO Paul Gauselmann.

The company has already started an internal communication offensive to support and accompany employees on this important topic. “The vaccination is the only way back to normal – and that is why it is so important,” explained Mr. Gauselmann. “We are lucky that the vaccines could be developed so quickly. I was already vaccinated twice in February and can only recommend this step to everyone.”

The vaccination pilots are at the center of the company’s internal commitment. These employees are available to all colleagues over the phone with any questions about vaccination. What documents do I have to bring with me to the vaccination appointment? How much time should there be between the first and the second vaccination? What if i can’t find my vaccination card? The vaccination pilots also act as a central point of contact and, if necessary, provide contact with the specialist. Interpreters are even called in if there are linguistic hurdles.

“We want to do more than just offer vaccinations,” explained Lars von der Wellen, Head of the Central Personnel Department. “We don’t leave our employees alone on this topic.”

In order to further increase the willingness to vaccinate, an internal campaign has even been developed: Among other things, employees who have already been vaccinated advertise the spades on specially made posters. In addition, the hashtag #MERKURimpft has created a separate page on the social intranet as well as a website on which the HR department bundles central information and provides updates.

Paul Gauselmann also personally addressed the workforce and made them aware of the paramount importance of vaccination. “I want the employees to stay healthy and to avoid suffering in the event of an infection,” he said. “And last but not least, so that you can return to the lost work day without any worries.”

The Gauselmann Group is now hoping that enough vaccine will be available as soon as possible so that the company doctors can speed up the nationwide vaccination campaign. “We are ready,” explained Lars von der Wellen, “and we are just waiting for the starting gun.”

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