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Germany – Schleswig-Holstein sets tax for online gaming

By - 28 October 2021

The Schleswig-Holstein Ministry of Finance has, at the suggestion of Finance Minister Monika Heinold, launched a bill to regulate the taxation of online casino games.

“With this regulation we are making a contribution to fair taxation. The digital space is not free from rules. Online casino operators have to contribute to the country’s tax revenue just like analog companies, ”explained Finance Minister Monika Heinold.

With the State Treaty on Gambling, online games of chance such as online poker or virtual slot machine games are already possible. These are subject to a nationwide tax rate on the stake. The regulation of online casino games such as roulette games is left to the states in the State Treaty via an opening clause. A draft law by the Ministry of the Interior to legalize online casino games in Schleswig-Holstein is currently being debated in parliament. The aim is to also award concessions to private providers of online casino games after the legislative process has been completed.

The draft law passed by the cabinet provides for taxing the gross gaming revenues of these future online providers, as is the case with terrestrial casino offers. Provision is made for a monthly gross gaming revenue of up to €300,000 a tax rate of 34 per cent, from €300,000 to €750,000 euros a tax rate of 39 per cent and of over €750,000 a tax rate of 44 per cent.

The gross gaming revenue results from the difference between the stake and the winnings. The sales tax to be paid is offset against the online casino tax. The amount of tax revenue to be expected from this for the country cannot currently be forecast.

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