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Greece – Global pandemic won’t slow innovation at Intralot

By - 31 May 2020

Intralot’s Annual General Meeting took place on Friday May 29, 2020 at the company’s Innovation Center in Athens presenting the corporate figures, the developments, and the successes for the period from January 1 to December 31, 2019, while introducing the group’s strategy going forward and the company’s achievements accomplished in 2020 along with the significant opportunities that lie ahead.

Intralot Chairman Sokratis Kokkalis said: “The company is looking to strengthen its position through new products, new business opportunities in key markets and assess all available strategic options to optimise its capital structure and maximise stakeholders’ value”.

Intralot’s Group CEO Dr. Chris Dimitriadis presented the FY 2019 financial results and the company’s business update focusing on opportunities to capitalise on the recent investments in building innovative products and advanced services to achieve economies of scale and strengthen its financial position. He introduced the Group’s new Strategy that will drive the Company’s future leveraging five pillars: Introduce business innovation with digital technology as an enabler in the industries that we serve, Improve quality of service and achieve economies of scale, Achieve growth through B2G/B2B sales in targeted geographies, Establish partnerships towards increasing licensed operations (B2C), and Optimize our Capital Structure. In addition, Intralot’s new customer-centric organisational structure and the transformative power of its technology will play a key role in business innovation and value creation, powering the Company to capture growth opportunities. He has also presented recent achievements within 2020 as well as significant opportunities for the future.

“Intralot is a company with a great history and a promising future. Our leading position is rooted in our focus on our customers and how our technology and services can help them innovate”, said Dr. Chris Dimitriadis, Group CEO.“ In 2020, we have started implementing our new strategy by delivering our new sports betting solution Intralot ORION in Montana and the District of Columbia in the USA; by introducing the eSports in Peru, while securing two new agreements to deploy eSports; by developing a new innovative digital solution, LOTOS Xi, for Internet Lottery; by signing new agreements to deploy LOTOS Xi in four customers and by securing a new contract to implement Keno.”

Dr. Chris Dimitriadis expressed his gratitude to all Intralot Group employees, the foundation of our successful organisation and culture, for their dedication and commitment during the COVID-19 pandemic disruption, in best serving our Customers worldwide and ensuring business continuity.

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