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ICE – Alfastreet ready to change the game

By - 20 January 2014

Having been present on the global market for 20 years, Alfastreet has chosen ICE 2014 to celebrate all its success and recognition gained in these long years.

It will also be launching a new product that it says will change the world of electronic gaming.

Throughout the 2014 the company will dedicate various events to show the development, and the quest to become the world renowned leader in production of high profile multi-player electronic gaming instruments over the last 20 years.

Albert RadmanAlfastreet’s Marketing and Sales Manager, said: “In this period we have acquired the trend-setter status that we are keen to maintain. To honour our tradition in exceeding the expectations from the audience in the world of gaming, we are preparing great surprises for the upcoming edition of the show. All present at our booth will get the taste of the future in gaming instrument production.”

“This year’s show will mark a special milestone for us as we are preparing a largely anticipated machine that is destined to change the world of electronic gaming machines, with a unique fusion of past and future,” Mr. Radman added. “The players all over the world have been waiting for a very long time to get a worthy successor to a very popular vintage machine and we believe it’s finally time to unveil the ultimate instrument, that is packed with the latest technology, made out of the best materials and on the other hand still keeps the user friendly layout, flawless operation and the familiar feeling for the world players to embrace. This one will blow your mind off and the players will never want to stop the ride. Although we are a steady believers in evolution, you could consider the new Alfastreet single terminal concept a real revolution. The never before seen touch screen dimensions, combined with a revolutionary ergonomic setup and infinite adaptability will make it a future reference for all the machines in its class. As we wouldn’t like to spoil the surprise, we want you to experience it yourself and truly appreciate the work and dedication that has gone into the engineering of all the novelties.”

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