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ICE – BtoBet to show Augmented Reality

By - 3 February 2017

Augmented reality has become one of the newer forms of strategies adopted by companies to delivering persuasive messages to a technologically minded audience and BtoBet has developed the perfect integration between the A.I. of the platform and the behavior of the player, in the total respect of security that the Gaming market imposes.

Mobile Augmented Reality games, such as Niantic’s Pokemon GO, gave the start to a new concept of gameplay in mobile gaming and made people become familiar with this novel concept. The Gambling industry is catching the trend of Augmented Reality, but how can it grasp real opportunity from AR?

BtoBet is going to launch at ICE its totally new augmented reality marketing tools which involve users cross-channel and satisfy each player at the ideal time. They allow operators to receive feedback on players behavior through the platform, give back what they need and directly propose to the players what they prefer through its Sportsbook & Casino Recommendation Engine.

Sabrina Soldá, CMO of BtoBet stated: “In the evolving iGaming industry players are showing an increasingly need of attention, enjoyable gaming/betting experience and interaction. With our high qualified team of technology development, we have studied a solution able to meet all these needs. Combining our A.I. technology platform – giving operators a full data players’ control and management, real time – with a totally new AR solution providing players the most advanced and exciting gaming experience”

With Btobet’s Odds comparison players can bet with the best odds scanning the logo, tapping on operator’s best odds while walking on the street, and decide to go directly in the nearest betting shop or to bet straight to the website online. Operators can choose the position for geo-localisation points while Btobet’s AI tool for odds comparison gives them an easy to-use interface which focuses on what is important for the player.

Bonus Hunting allows players to navigate and walk around in the real environment and focus on tags to find bonuses, superimposed over the real world. In this way they can collect bonuses in an augmented environment. This game is tailored to the specific requirements of the Sportsbook and Casino operators and all the bonuses collected can be used directly online or push players to the related nearest shop, as regular ones that the brand offers.

Licensees can customize the value, position, look, geo-location, and everything they need.
Virtual Assistant is an avatar that comes out of the AR, communicates with the player and can be transformed in: Tutorial Virtual assistant – Interactive Avatar – Push notification Avatar. She can be totally personalized [her skin, her look, her voice, clothes] and any company can obtain and create its own tailor-made Avatar.

Also on show will be BtoBet’s Recommendation engines (RE), arguably one of the trendiest uses of data science in e-commerce and entertainment markets today, but not yet sufficiently widespread in our specific iGaming and Betting industry. BtoBet is the first company in the industry providing both Casino-Games and Sports betting recommendation engine.

Nowadays, there are few sportsbook operators that have developed Sports betting RE for their own company use, and even fewer Software providers are offering only casino’s B2B RE. BtoBet’s combination of both Casino-Games and Sports betting recommendation engine, provides a unique experience to the players. After extensive tests and improvements, our development team has reached the current precision of the algorithm that rules the process, no matter if it is for sports betting or games.

Alessandro Fried, Btobet’s CEO said: “We managed to reach the highest engineering levels. The automated engine avoids manual intervention and is extremely accurate. BtoBet’s intelligent algorithm tracks players’ behaviour and uses collaborative filtering to provide the perfect suggestions, for the most appreciated games, for each player or segment of players.”

According to a recent study, 15 per cent of visitors admit to buying recommended products. Cross sales and upselling efforts influence the increase of revenues. Recent research said also cross-selling techniques increase bets by 20 per cent and profits by 30 per cent and confirmed that more than 73 per cent of users prefer personalized product experiences.

The job of the RE system is to open up to the users whole new products and possibilities, which they would not think to directly search for themselves. BtoBet’s B Neuron System is a hybrid recommendation engine which can provide more accurate recommendations than traditional approaches. In the Casino RE, all the Games are recommended according to similarity, comparing the attributes – such as theme, volatility, category – of the games and player’s preferences. The Sports betting RE is available for online and mobile betting, can control and suggest bets or events, including virtual, live and eSports. It acquires and analyses the bettors’ behaviour following Sport, Category, Tournament, Competitors, Market Types preferences. Moreover, BtoBet’s RE is regularly re-trained in an extremely short time frame, with any new data and player’s behaviour, fully updating the system and every single player’s profile precisely.

Statistics also confirmed that recommendation tools considering location/time to further personalize the gaming experience make product suggestions more relevant and contribute to higher conversions. At the moment, we are finalising a technology that is also going to extend the recommendation engine to the retail environment.

Mr. Fried concluded: “In the countries where we are expanding, the RE can transform the betting shops’ consumer involvement in a totally enjoyable betting experience, combining the geo-proximity with the behavioural preferences and pushing players to point their ideal odds in the nearest land-shop. I firmly believe that any product and solution giving players and bettors the best gaming experience and using social proof to engage visitors will certainly succeed.”

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