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ICE – Cammegh’s RRS wheel technology to capture the imagination of ICE

By - 30 January 2019

Complementing the industry-favourite Mercury 360 Halo wheel on Cammegh’s ICE stand will be is the Mercury 360 RRS, featuring Cammegh’s exclusive random rotor speed technology.

Cammegh said customers are specifying RRS wheels from the start, and also asking the Kent-based roulette-wheel specialist to ready wheels for a future RRS upgrade during the lifetime of the product.

“In the last 12 months, we’ve witnessed a huge shift in the numbers of operators discussing, specifying and ordering Mercury 360 RRS wheels,” describes Andrew Cammegh. “RRS has become the most interesting conversation we are having with customers right now and it’s a product that we see gaining even greater traction in 2019. The ability of players to gain advantage through wheel clocking wearables through to cerebral clockers has meant that the awareness of this issue, and the benefits of our patented RRS technology, has never been so acute. We’ve seen a major sea-change in the perception of this technology with operators whole-heartedly embracing the protection that the Mercury 360 RRS delivers.”

Continuing the theme of hand-crafted elegance interwoven with the latest cutting-edge technology, Cammegh is bringing its crystal clear Billboard displays to the ICE London show in 23ins, 27ins, and 32ins. displays that can be orientated in portrait or landscape view in a variety of finishes to suit any location. Cammegh’s popular suite of table-focused sidebets adds Section-Bet Roulette to the stable of Spread-Bet Roulette, Spread-Bet Baccarat, Spread-Bet Blackjack and Doubleshot and Lucky Symbols. Section-Bet Roulette allows players to target sections of the wheel, replacing the odd and even bets on outside bets and dispensing with the need for dealers to place neighbour bets during section bets.

Shown at G2E Vegas 2018, but making its European debut on the Cammegh booth in London is SenSen Network’s automated video and software system. The technology tracks table game operations by analysing table occupancy, hands dealt per hour, bet types and bet values right across the gaming floor, utilising sophisticated software and standard video feeds to create a cost-effective solution for table games management.

Finally, Cammegh will go both large and small at the London show in the shape of its new Big Wheel and mini-roulette. A brand new exclusively distributed product, the Cammegh Big Wheel offers a very fast, fun game that will be shown incorporating the company’s Spread-Bet Roulette, but which can be modified to offer a variety of games and applications for complete flexibility on the gaming floor. The Cammegh Mini-Wheel, currently being used by Aspers in the UK, increases turnover of the game and is yet another exciting addition to the Cammegh portfolio.

“We believe 2019 is going to be an exceptional year for both Cammegh and our RRS technology,” states Andrew Cammegh. “Our conversations with operators, the nature of the product and exclusivity of our RRS technology is really exciting and we’re thrilled by the approach and acceptance of all the solutions we are showing at ICE this year. From SenSen’s amazing video-tracking system, to the gorgeous Mini-Wheel and dramatic large-scale Big Wheel, we have a table gaming focused solution for every customer at this year’s show.”

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