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ICE – Don’t be short changed be Super Changed

By - 28 January 2013

VNE’s extensive range of change machines will be on display at ICE, including the Super Change, the Queen Change and the Two Pennies.

The Super Change VLT accepts and dispenses coins and banknotes and handles tickets and cards. The bulk coin acceptance accepts coins at 20 coins per second – ideal for tipping in a pot of coins. The data access system enables an online connection so that remote monitoring and adjustments are just a click of a button away.

The Queen Change is the regal change machine for the VLT market. It accepts and dispenses barcode tickets and can be connected to all VLT platforms. The coin and note capacity are very high – 4,500 coins (3 hoppers) and 3,000 notes (5 note dispensers).

The Two Pennies change machine is targeted for the UK resort arcades which have many amusement games that cost 2 pence per play. The Two Pennies has extensive change capacities – up to 18,000 coins. The integrated large screen monitor and loud speakers makes this change machine a marketing device – allowing operators to channel messages and play music. It is this entertainment factor that makes Two Pennies the perfect new change machine for the UK arcade sector. Two Pennies changes any UK coin denomination over 2p into 2p pieces. A further model is available with a secure, anti-fraud banknote reader, called the Maxi Changer.

VNE is the market leader for change machines in Italy with over 60,000 VNE change machines in operation. Lorenzo Verona, Commercial Director at VNE, said: “In the space of a few short years we have brought VNE to the forefront of the largest and most contested market for change machines in Italy. As a family-owned company, we are in the position to move quickly to develop what the market really requires. This philosophy has taken us to the top in Italy. It is exactly the same philosophy that we have for international markets. We invite international companies to come and see us at the ICE – we are actively seeking new distributors to add to our growing team of global distributors.”

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