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ICE – DRGT brings drJackpot Tables to ICE

By - 27 January 2016

Having successfully launched this at the G2E Las Vegas, DRGT will introduce drJackpot Tables at the ICE for the first time.

DRGT has in essence migrated its superior slots jackpot and wide area technology onto gaming tables. Now operators can offer jackpot features to their customers on live gaming tables. The simple design allows application on most tables games with many jackpot configuration options. Customers can choose whether to take the off-the-shelf jackpot version – naturally the jackpot can be customised. A wide range of jackpot possibilities can be made use of, including the Dynamic Jackpot Elevation which allows the jackpot level to rise more quickly at the beginning and then smooth out over time. In this way, players are motivated to join the jackpot early on as the jackpot level increments more quickly.

The importance of Multi Game continues to grow in the international gaming industry. Multi Game offers the player a number of different games on one slot machine – the number of games varies according to the gaming machine manufacturer, the demands of the market and local legislation. Regardless of how it is offered, one thing is for sure – it gives the players more choice.

drScreen is now available in three versions. The original drScreen makes use of the slot screen itself. Players can view and manage their account, operators can communicate directly to the players (e.g. infotainment, advertising) – thus drScreen is the most direct way for operators to reach their customers. Operators can choose from another two versions – making use of the player tracking screen – as the 6.2” drScreenMini or the brand new drScreenMicro version on a 3.2” LCD touchscreen display. Operators can make use of the benefits of drScreen on this smaller display. It makes use of the same card reader with dual slots. The functions are clearly marked – such as transferring cash to play, transferring points for freeplay and calling the attendant. A further great benefit is that players can view the last hit history for not only the slot machine but also the entire gaming floor. Naturally the operator can position the company logo on the screen as well.

This is a speciality of DRGT. The latest examples at casinos in Georgia, Eastern Europe, exemplify this where DRGT made two new installations in 2015 in the city of Batumi in casinos where the slot machines can accept up to four different currencies.

DRGT can now manage up to eight different player card levels, such as Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Platinum VIP Day Visitor, Platinum VIP Club Member, Platinum VIP Silver and Platinum VIP Gold.
Whether local or wide-area, DRGT has the jackpot expertise to provide the right jackpot solution. DRGT will be introducing further jackpot modules at the ICE.

Often slot machines are played by different player types. The high roller and the time-on-device player may well play on the same slot. Jackpots would usually be won by the high roller – this could take away the motivation to play on this slot by the time-on-device player. DRGT has found the solution so that both player types have the possibility to win a jackpot by the DRGT jackpot levelling-out feature.

Normally Tournament Jackpots are used as a promotional, marketing tool. They have to be managed and supervised as the players often use virtual money and the casino management has to designate specific slots to be used. These slots are then not available for normal play during this time. DRGT offers a new Tournament Jackpot that turns this on its head: Players play for money over a set period of time. Players can begin and finish the tournament when they wish (having the corresponding affect on their ranking). The positive results are – the slots are being played for money, no extra personnel are required and any slots can be used.

Jurgen De Munck, CEO and co-founder of DRGT, said: “We are confident that our customers will recognize how international we are. Our experience, our team, our products, our innovations, our willingness to adapt and grow to reflect the demands and challenges our industry place on us – all these make up what we are and what we are proud to be. We are very much looking forward to greeting our customers and visitors to the stand at ICE. Come and see us and find out how we can revolutionize your operating system”.

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