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ICE – DRGT to showcase its 2020 vision at ICE

By - 13 January 2020

DRGT will be at ICE showing its modular, flexible and cost-effective systems and jackpot solutions that have been installed across over 50 different countries, and on in excess of 60,000 gaming devices, boasting some of the most powerful functionality in the world.

An example of how DRGT helps enhance the player experience is that their Tables Management System now seamlessly integrates Tables gameplay data into their accounting, cage and reporting modules, in so doing bridging that former ‘technology gap’, and affording Tables Managers the ability to now offer their players the kind of functionality and rewards previously only available to Slots players. In addition, the company is also now able to offer operators the ability to award double loyalty points to the players of their much-publicised BlackJack11’s, and Poker21’s, side-bet jackpot games.

CEO, Jurgen De Munck said: “I believe the answer to that question is by hiring and training staff with the right attitude, then arming them with knowledge, and finally empowering them to make player-centric decisions. The whole process has become extremely integrated, operators need to understand who are best suited to service their players, they then need to employ and train these like-minded individuals. We as systems service providers then need to provide these staff with the means to get to know and understand each and every player individually (the much talked about ‘player segment of one’), and finally, these staff then need to go out and do what they do best, fully cognisant of their capabilities, and the fact that they are empowered and armed with the tools and knowledge to make the correct player-centric decisions.”

Mr. De Munck added: “Advances in technology allowed us to provide a systems offering, at the outset through our patented SMIB, that operates without a permanent server connection. It also afforded us the ability to provide more functionality than existing legacy systems, and furthermore ensured that we were able to install our product extremely quickly. A case in point was our installation at Grand Casino Basel, where we completed the entire change over in a single day during normal operating hours, and more recently in South Africa, where 6 of our staff completed a cashless migration across 3 venues comprising 80, 140 and 220 EGMs, each roughly 200km apart, in just 4 days including travel time; we truly are a formidable competitor.”

Towards the end of 2018, the company acquired Simplicit-e Gaming Solutions (SGS) in a joint venture with South African investment holding company Grand Parade Investments (GPI), and established DRGT Africa.

“The relationships and network that both of these businesses have given us access to over the last 12 months has been invaluable, part of what you will see on our booth at ICE will bear testament to that,” said Charl Geyser, the former owner of SGS and now Managing Director of DRGT Africa.

Jean-Michel De Busscher, Managing Director of the company’s Belgian distribution business DRGT Online, added that whilst they are market-leaders, by some significant margin, in their home country of Belgium, as well as in Switzerland, they remain under significant pressure, and rightly so, from competitors to maintain that status. “Our market leadership is jointly driven by our system augmentations, new products, and product extensions, alongside our operations and service support efforts. Together they keep us that proverbial ‘step ahead of the pack’,” he explained. “Where I see us having set ourselves apart, and where I believe we provide the best option in assisting operators in setting themselves apart, is our ability to help operators measure, understand, manage and then engage and communicate with their players.”

Mr. De Munck added: “When I and the rest of our development committee assess any development proposals, we always ask one question: ‘how will this enhance the player experience? Examples of these include the provision of faster registration functionality through our drSelfRegistration, easier loyalty point reward redemption through our drPlayerKiosk software, easier access to cashiers and the cage through our drRoamingCashier, the ability to send (and receive) direct messaging to individual EGMs, and as a result individual players, via our drMediaManager and our drScreen player interfaces, or the ability to now track, reward, and engage Tables players better as I mentioned earlier.”

DRGT will also be showcasing its already successful Slots jackpots and Tables jackpot games. “These products remain a key driver of casino revenues the world over and an integral part of our on-going global success,” Mr. Geyser concluded.

In addition to its Head Quarters in Belgium, DRGT also has offices in Austria, Malta, Peru, Mexico, Colombia, Uruguay, Paraguay, and South Africa.

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