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ICE – EGT Interactive to launch Virtual Roulette at ICE

By - 10 January 2019

EGT Interactive will lift the curtain on a ground-breaking Virtual Roulette game at this year’s ICE, as the company looks to continue its global expansion into 2019.

Ognyan Lekov, Marketing Manager at EGT Interactive, didn’t want to say too much about the innovation prior to the show.

“Visitors will have the pleasure of getting acquainted with some of our most innovative latest titles, including the brand new Virtual Roulette game set for release in 2019,” he said. “We’re very excited about this interesting product and I’d love to tell you more but I’ll keep the details for the exhibition. Throughout the last 12 months, we have been implementing а strict and consistent expansion strategy of our portfolio, particularly across our classical online casino games. This focus on a diverse range of themes, but in the classical casino category, has allowed us to strengthen our performance whilst also providing variety to our customers. In 2019 we will continue in the same direction by adding some key new additions, from the graphics and strategy to how we interact with our players.

The show follows on from one of EGT Interactive’s most successful ever years. Mr. Lekov believes the industry’s organic growth and the addition of new markets will maintain the company’s momentum into 2019.

“The online business will continue to grow rapidly as it has continued to do in recent years,” he said. “This is inevitable as mobile devices and mobile internet become ever more accessible and easy to handle. In addition, more and more territories are beginning to allow online gaming and for us, one of the freshest markets is Brazil. Now is the time for Brazil’s potential to be tapped as a hotbed for online gaming. At present, Latin America represents a tiny share of the global online gaming marketplace at just four per cent, but it is the second fastest growing region in the industry, experiencing a rapid 20 per cent growth rate and we will be looking to continue our investment and expansion in the region for years to come.

“As a company we entered a number of key new territories in 2018, and of course we’ll try to capitalise on that expansion in 2019,” he added. “At this stage, we are enhancing our focus on Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary, Denmark, Sweden and a few more which we are keen to develop as the year progresses.

In terms of new trends, Mr. Lekov added: “Alongside our new titles we see development in the entertainment category and if I’m being bold, then maybe holograms will start to trend in the year ahead. Watch this space and stay tuned for the upcoming headlines in our portfolio as we continue to make people play in 2019.”

The company will also give debuts debuts to a number of new titles and Lotto games at this year’s ICE.

Todor Zahariev, Managing Director of EGT Interactive, said: “At ICE London visitors to our interactive booth will getting acquainted with all the propositions from our diverse portfolio. As a third representative in our table games portfolio, our ground-breaking Virtual Roulette is something really new and fascinating in the category. It gives you the feeling of a live streaming roulette, but via the video slot experience with the same smooth and user-friendly interface. One more novelty is the new category that the company entered – Lottery Games. We’ll start with four headline games, based on the classical lotto games, but more is yet to come. We will continue to expand our portfolio, particularly across our classical online casino games, whilst also providing variety to our customers.”

EGT Interactive will continue its global expansion and recruitment focus into 2019. As the company entered a number of key new territories in 2018, like Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary, Denmark, Sweden and a few more which it is keen to develop as the year progresses.

It will also be showcasing the latest in its jackpot range including Jackpot Cards. This multilevel system has four levels of mystery Jackpot, featuring a bonus game. Each mystery Jackpot level is illustrated by a card suit: Clubs, Diamonds, Hearts and Spades.

The Jackpot cards mystery bonus is randomly triggered after a single game is finished and all resulting winnings are collected. The triggering off the Jackpot mystery cards automatically guarantees to the player one of the mystery Jackpot levels.

Once triggered the player is presented a short animation and is taken to Jackpot mystery cards bonus game where a pick field made up of 12 cards face-down is displayed.

The player selects cards until the revelation of three matching cards suit symbols. The Jackpot mystery cards corresponding to revealed suit is awarded. The bonus amount equals to the amount accumulated at the moment of revealing the last matching symbol.The amount won in Jackpot cards mystery round is directly added to the player’s current balance and cannot be taken to the Gamble round.

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