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ICE – Golden Race to show in-play betting for 3X3 Basketball

By - 1 February 2019

Golden Race will be at ICE 2019 demonstrating how it has integrated in-play betting markets and a cash out element for 3×3 Basketball.

3×3 basketball is a form of basketball played with three players against three players attacking and defending one hoop.
Betting markets, offered by in-house bookmakers, include Head to Head, Match Result, Next point, Handicap, Total Score, Total Team Score and Odd/Even. Golden Race has therefore combined advanced in-play and cash-out technology with real video action featuring professional players and commentators.

Golden Race CEO Martin Wachter said: “Golden Race is preparing a new in-play betting mode for our forthcoming hit, Virtual Basketball to be presented at ICE. It will be a new reference point in the world of virtual sports and we believe in the potential of our new “Cash out” option that will keep customers focused.. In-play betting offers many advantages to punters because it allows them to place bets after events have started, and it also offers benefits to operators since it is a way to optimise user retention. Also, Virtual Football will surprise our clients since we are launching a 3.0 version of it, and we are working on new exciting releases that will not leave anyone indifferent. 2018 was a year full of great news and developments. Golden Race has participated in many events and its team has travelled the world in search of the industry trends.

The company’s 3D horses have also undergone a great transformation thanks to the most advanced hybrid technologies; and, they have developed new football championships such as the Euro Champions and its Awarded Virtual World Cup.

Mr. Wachter explained that for horseracing, real backgrounds were shot and integrated with the latest cinematographic techniques in real time to provide new levels of quality for virtual 3D horses and jockeys. Added features include animated muscles and tendons, as well as the use of a fabric system.

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