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ICE – Interblock to launch G4D Diamond

By - 28 January 2013

February 5th will mark the unveiling of Interblock’s enhanced multi-player platform, the G4D Diamond product range in a modern and upgraded design.

This range will include the G4D Wheel with Big3Six game. Big3Six is an exciting new spin on an old classic. The game consists of three Wheels which offers 3 times the fun and 3 times the action. The 3 Wheels also act as reels for a Slot Machine themed Side Bet. Interblock’s beautifully illuminated G4D Wheel is certain to be an attraction on any casino floor, and will definitely improve the drop on existing Wheel games.

Interblock will also be showing its Organic Roulette with additional Side bet game: Touchdown Roulette is an exciting new Side Bet for Interblock Roulette that is certain to improve the hold on existing Roulette games. The Side Bet is themed around the popular game of American Football, and does not interfere with basic Roulette play. Players can follow all the Football action with stunning animation and sound on a separate LCD display. The goal of Touchdown Roulette is to score a Touchdown.

G4D Bubble 08 with Pop’n Poker game: The G4D Bubble is a stunning Interblock generator that is certain to be an eye stopper on any casino floor.  It features a domed casing with bouncing balls and patent pending technology that displays the results of the drawn balls on 52 LCD displays. Pop’n Poker is a proprietary game that combines the excitement of Keno and the LOTO and adds a Poker theme. Interblock’s Bingo and Keno games can also be offered on the G4D Bubble.


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