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Ireland – Kama celebrates best ever year

By - 29 November 2017

KamaGames Group, is celebrating its biggest year to date, thanks to its ongoing commitment to innovation which included the launch of a suite of new Party game modes with 2 brand new modes launching before the end of the year – Hearts Party and Pair Party.

The Party game modes feature new core gameplay mechanics which enhance the game of Poker making it more exciting and entertaining for users at all levels of the game.

In HEARTS PARTY launching today, players follow the usual rules of Texas Hold’em however all Club and Diamonds suits are removed from the deck and replaced with Hearts and Spades. The game is then played as normal.

Earlier this year, KamaGames introduced its new Party game modes to its flagship title Pokerist to boost the excitement around the tables and to help bring their portfolio of social casino titles to a mainstream audience. These new modes are only made available for an average of 48 hours each week and include 10 TO ACE PARTY, JOKER PARTY, SWAP PARTY, 3 CARD PARTY, and U TURN PARTY. These modes offered small but distinctive variations on the classic poker model and have proven to be a huge success with customer retention improving and player engagement growing at a significant pace across all levels of players.

These new Party game modes are designed to engage and entertain players by altering the core game mechanics of traditional and classic Texas Hold’em poker. The tweaks to the poker rules allow for a far more exciting game featuring wilder hand combinations and more chances to make a comeback mid-hand.

Since the launch of Poker game research has shown that the modes were popular across all player segments and demographics; including gender, age and in every geographical location. The average number of hands played by a player and the number of players online increased by 10-15% during these Party game modes.

Daniel Kashti, Chief Marketing & Commercial Officer for KamaGames said: “The success of these new modes is a great example of the innovation KamaGames is rapidly becoming known for. We believe that by enhancing the core game play, as well as adding various elements to the metagame layer, it makes our game more accessible for mainstream players and first time poker players. We constantly look for ways to enhance the player experience while improving our user-base and retention”.

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