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Japan – Suncity sets top budget of US$4.5bn for Wakayama IR

By - 29 October 2019

Asian junket group Suncity Group has said it will spend between HK$30bn and HK$35bn (US$3.8bn to US$4.5bn) on an Integrated Resort in its Wakayama, in the Kansai region, on Honshū island’s Kii Peninsula.

Suncity CEO Alvin Chau said the vision was for a ‘unique project combining Wakayama Prefecture’s historical tradition, natural landscape and cultural essence.’

He said: “We will present to the world the unique charm of Wakayama. I believe our ideas are in line with what the Japanese government is looking for in regional development Wakayama is rich in Japanese tradition and culture and has an abundance of nature in the mountains and sea. We are planning a resort that incorporates these charms.We will challenge regional revitalization centering on integrated resort facilities. We will promote the development of international tourism cities that make the most of the assets of Wakayama Prefecture, the nature, culture, history and people’s activities focusing on integrated resort facilities.”

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