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Lithuania – Online surges in Lithuania as land-based plateaus

By - 3 September 2019

Official figures released by the Gaming Control Authority showed a €17.5m growth in the first six months of 2019. This is up from €12.3m over the corresponding period last year.

Growth has been primarily driven by remote betting (€10.4m), whilst online casino revenue rose from €3.8m to €6.4m. There are six operators active in this section of the market.

€271.7m was spent by players on iGaming, up from €255.6m last year, winning €254.2m. Revenue from land-based gambling increased by €0.9m to €34.6m this year.

In the first half of the year, €233.9m was wagered on land-based gambling games, up from €230.6m last year, winning €199.4m. Table games generated €8.6m in land-based revenue, up €0.2m from last year, while sports betting revenue fell slightly from €4.9m to €4.7m.

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