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Malta – SoftSwiss Sportsbook introduces new bonus functionality

By - 26 May 2021

SoftSwiss has announced the introduction of a new bonus functionality, Comboboost, for its sportsbook platform.

Comboboost will enable players to receive an additional bonus on an express winning bet for top sports and tournaments.

The newly added feature will speed up the overall betting experience for the players and will make it smoother and more convenient. The SoftSwiss Sportsbook comboboost is tailored for all top sports, providing bonuses of up to 30 per cent.

Alexander Kamenetskyi, Product Owner of SoftSwiss Sportsbook, commented: “We’re excited to be upgrading our comboboost feature just ahead of the 2021 summer filled with massive tournaments like the Grand Slam, Euro 2020 and many more.

“This new upgrade will provide both our clients and their players with lots of new opportunities to further customise their betting experience to their needs.

“Here at SoftSwiss we’re always striving to deliver the best and most innovative solutions to our clients, as well as diversifying the functionality of our product. Keep an eye out on us as we’ve got lots of interesting things planned out in 2021”.

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