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Mexico – 15 per cent of Mexican slots operating illegally

By - 19 January 2015

According to the President of The Association of Gaming Equipment Manufacturers (AGEM) 15 per cent of the 90 thousand slot machines operating in Mexico are operating illegally.

According to Carlos Carrión the rise in illegal gaming in Mexico is due to the fact that Mexico lacks proper safeguard controls when it comes to the certification of equipment imported from abroad.

According to calculations by the AGEM, in Mexico electronic gambling machines generate around US$1.6bn a year with manufactures earning around 20 per cent of this amount, around $U.S328m.

According to Mr. Carrión, used slot machines in Mexico using pirated software are widely available. However, machines using pirated software leads inevitably to falling standards within the industry and can lead to host of problems including start up problems, system error problems and wrong pay outs to players.

AGEM is now waiting for the Senate to pass Mexico’s new gaming bill. This week it was revealed that the new gaming law could be up for debate as early as next month. The new law includes a number of provision which would ensure that equipment brought in from abroad is properly regulated and certified and will by overseen by a new Institute of Gaming within the Interior Ministry (SEGOB).

In addition to the licences slot machines in Mexico there are, according to estimates by the General Directorate of Gaming (DGJS), between an estimated 70 thousand and 75,000 slot machines operating illegally throughout Mexico located in grocer’s shops and other small businesses such as chemists and convenience stores. Last year the government launched the beginning of a crackdown on illegal slot machines and destroyed around 5,000 illegal slot machines in a campaign to combat illegal gambling.
To combat the phenomenon, which has spread widely over the last five years, SEGOB also launched a public awareness campaign last year on national media. With the motto “Addiction Is No Game” the campaign asks the public to report the location of any illegal slot machine to the government via a confidential telephone line. It is hoped that the new gaming act if approved by the Senate next month could lead to a much wider crackdown on illegal gaming.

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