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Mexico – Ainsworth launches A-STAR cabinet into PlayCity casinos

By - 5 November 2020

Ainsworth Game Technology has launched its brand-new A-STAR cabinet into PlayCity casinos in Mexico. PlayCity Puebla, Antara, Zapopan, Nuevo León, Aguascalientes, Metepec, Acapulco, Durango, Oasis, Tepic, Acoxpa, Hermosillo, Xalapa, Juárez, and Culiacán casinos now feature the A-STAR cabinet in its Curved or Double screen format.

The new cabinets in PlayCity are the first to hit casino halls in Mexico. The exclusive launch is part of the company’s strategic alliance with the operator after a few months of inactivity in casinos in Mexico due to Covid 19. The entry of the new A-STAR cabinet marks the beginning of the reactivation, and Ainsworth is committed to working with each of its clients to provide them with a wide range of product options and solutions tailored to each individual casino.

The new A-STAR takes Ainsworth technology to the next level, with a meticulously designed cabinet encompassing a sleek modular design, a larger and brighter curved floating infinity monitor, dynamic LED lighting, high definition sound, and the latest generation LCD touch screen button deck. While the focus for the development of this cabinet was on the engineering and durability of the new cabinet, the A-STAR offers a comprehensive library of new games that offers greater variety and better experiences to players in an effort to continue to evolve and showcase Ainsworth’s exceptional performance in all casinos.

Jaime Marines, Director of Business Intelligence and PlayCity Casinos Products, said: “We believe that the new Ainsworth products offer unique gaming features for the Mexican player as part of the tradition of the Ainsworth brand.”

“We are excited to show the new A-STAR to our customers for the first time,” said Robinson Galvez, Ainsworth’s Mexico Sales Manager. “This long-awaited release is the result of extensive R&D efforts and takes our cabinet offering to the next level with its modern look and a full suite of new game titles that help us exceed our customers’ expectations.”

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